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Void Shards and Shared Bank

Discussion in 'Time-Locked Expansion & Event Servers' started by Korvan, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Korvan

    Korvan New Member

    As a warning to players on Stormhold, do NOT put any void shards in your shared bank until you have logged in each and everyone one of your characters, and wait for the red text message about the shards being removed.

    If you store any void shards that you've just earned into the shared bank, and then login a character that you have not logged in since TSO unlocked, it will delete all of the shards it finds in your shared bank, no matter when you've earned them.

    Note that this script that deletes shards runs on every character, regardless if they previously had void shards on them or not.
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  2. Korvan

    Korvan New Member

    Just a reminder that this same issue now also applies to Unbound Essences from the quest line in Lavastorm. And these scripts that delete void shards and unbound essences from your shared bank also applies to new characters that you create, not just characters that existed before TSO was unlocked.

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