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Skill.name doesn't ID skill (possible inaccuracies?)

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by Tyr52, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Tyr52

    Tyr52 Guest

    So I'm pulling a list of skills for a character in order to identify whether they have some key skills for certain classes. The problem I'm running into is that the names attached to some skills aren't accurate or aren't enough to identify them by. Is there any resource that I can use to identify the skills?

    For example, there is a tank mine 2, which appears to be the cert that provides 3 tank mines, but there is no tank mine 1, and there is three skills with the name "Charge 1", none of which I am sure what does. Same with C-4. Many skills are listed multiple times, such as Nanoweave Armor 1 and Munitions Pouch 1. Also, there are some that I don't know what vehicle/class they are unlocked for, such as Nano-Regen Device.

    The query below is what I'm using to retrieve the above examples.

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