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Heroic Reaver's Challenge issues

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Tsurupettan, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Fairin Avatar

    Fairin Avatar New Member

    Man, i used to get that... ALOT...

    OP it sounds like your group (non fighters) are not using their Dragonscales (the AA ward) that'll get them dead (and your group very dead) in seconds. this aa is a requirement, remind them that 13 aa spent in this ward will not break their dps, because you cannot dps if you're group is dead cause your eating all the group wards. also it makes you not paper... all the elites wear the ward.

    yes Troubs make everything better- a skilled geared troub can carry a group

    yes healers (especially defilers) take tremendous ammounts of damage on the beguiler fight - theres no rhyme or reason for it other than to punish shaman solo healers (like my mate, who is decked out in the best of the best gear currently before t2 raids - she basically heals HERSELF while i heal myself and the group while tanking as shes there to cure slow reactions.

    no positioning doesn't matter. max/min ranges - min range is best cause several troub abilities are short range (10m)

    there is no problem with threat, teach your tanks how to gear correctly. (a 7k potency tank dealing 3million dps is not gonna hold off my auto attack, and i don't even have auto attack stats)

    my best group to kill the spectral beguiler was me(troub) + assassin, and a boxed AFK fury for cures (she had force of nature on herself)
  2. Tsurupettan

    Tsurupettan New Member

    We actually figured this out a few days ago. It's the bard. Swapping one player out for a bard took the HPS from about 20m down to 10-11m.
  3. Quigly

    Quigly New Member

    We run with a dirge and it made no difference. Swapping in warden did the trick in our case.
  4. Eyedea

    Eyedea New Member

    This comment made me chuckle. :)
  5. ExecuteHoF

    ExecuteHoF New Member

    Maybe I am a bit late on responding to this but...

    (All from memory) The detrimental has a range component on it. 15m+ allows for the least amount of damage you can get while still being within heal range of a healer (200m+ I think is the last one dmg). If you have a mainly melee-based group, they will be taking almost double the damage per incurable hit than a ranged group. If the Troubadour is increasing range on CAs/Spells (Resonance?), your group might be close that 14-15m range without knowing.

    Group cure rotation helps a lot. First arcane hit dots the group, second arcane expounds damage from the first arcane. Cure the first one, and if you have slow group cures, cure the 2nd before or wait for it to tick away. The first arcane is the more important of the 2.
  6. AvatarOfWar

    AvatarOfWar New Member

    The trick with the Beguiler in the Challenge Heroic has little to do with class (though Troubs with ward spec and Fury/Warden with DR or arcane resists helps). The issue is a buff that the Beguiler keeps putting on himself named Slow Reactions that you need to constantly dispel (from mages, fury/warden with Serene, etc). In Challenge mode, this debuff reduces everyones mitigation vs. arcane damage by 5184. If you take that buff off of him, my heal parses drop from 30M to 10M.

    Spectral Beguiler Challenge.JPG

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