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Quests, Collections, and Recipe Data

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by FeldonDataHelper, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    Sorry, force of habit. Census.soe.com is the new one.
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    I will ask if we can get progressText and completedText for stages.
  3. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    We have requested Starter and Completion text for Stages, as well as Scaleable quest info (if possible). That should be all the data that can easily be exposed to us about Quests.
  4. Lera

    Lera Guest

    Is there a way to search character_misc for a specific quest to find the last date someone completed it?
  5. Lera

    Lera Guest

    Do you know of any quests that have multiple stage texts for the same stage?
  6. By the way, I found out from Kaitheel that if a quest has a single stage, the stage starter/completion text is not shown in-game. Instead, it shows the Branch starter text.
  7. There aren't many. Here's an example:

    and how Zam shows it:

    What we are unable to see is, there is some code that chooses the stage text based on the character's home city. The best we can do is either display ALL of it, or display the first one, and then display a tooltip or message saying "The text for this stage varies by class, race, alignment, or other variable."
  8. NOTE: If the completion_text for a quest branch is blank, display the description text from the branch instead.
  9. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    As of today, Quest data now includes starter_text and completion_text for Stages. Please note that it is possible for a stage to have more than one starter_text and completion_text value. This allows designers to present the player with different stage text depending on class, race, alignment, progress on another quest, etc.
  10. As of today, Quest data now includes starter_text and completion_text for Stages. Please note that it is possible for a stage to have more than one starter_text and completion_text value. This allows designers to present the player with different stage text depending on class, race, alignment, progress on another quest, etc.

    Please also note that for the last month or so, character_misc has been exporting with a new field for each active quest called stage_num. This greatly simplifies determining which stage of a quest the character is on and eliminates the need for text matching. If you want to support characters exported between August 2013 and June 2014, you'll still need to support text matching.
  11. Altar of Malice quest exports have now been unblocked!

    These quests appear under the categories of Mission, Tranquil Sea, Phantom Sea, Signature, etc.

    Also, Collections are now actively exporting on patch days along with all other data. I have asked about Collection rewards. Until some inefficiencies of character_misc can be sorted, we won't see shiny collection progress on characters.
  12. Starting with the next game update that includes code changes (likely next Tuesday but may be postponed due to the holiday or if the update does not include code changes)...

    Collections have now been expanded to include both guaranteed rewards and selectable rewards. Example:

    <collection id="1734808640" name="Out on a Limb" category="Tears of Veeshan" level="95" ts="1418946891.955636">
      <reference id="1482695718" name="Human Hand" icon="87"/>
      <reference id="3547297480" name="Crow's Foot" icon="79"/>
      <reference id="938512206" name="Elephant Foot" icon="106"/>
      <reference id="4106538684" name="Puma Paw" icon="107"/>
      <reference id="1154681744" name="Wolf Paw" icon="104"/>
      <reward coin_max="0" coin_min="0">
        <item id="2771662891" quantity="1"/>
        <item id="559493123" quantity="1"/>
        <selected_item id="342128727" quantity="1"/>
        <selected_item id="1705592867" quantity="1"/>
    For turning in that collection, the character is guaranteed to get:
    • itemID #2771662891 which is a "Small Stack of Draconic Etyma"
    • itemID #559493123 which is a collectible item "Hand Bone Fragments"
    • a choice of:
      • itemID #342128727 which is "Vesspyr Warrior's Red Bracers"
      • itemID #1705592867 which is "Vesspyr Scout's Steel Pants"
    Quests have also been updated to support selectable rewards. They already supported guaranteed rewards. Example:

    <quest id="2623191193" name="Close It Behind You" category="Eidolon Jungle"...>
    <reward coin_max="1300000" coin_min="1300000" exp="9383.999023">
    <selected_item id="47751376" quantity="1"/>
    <selected_item id="3756311695" quantity="1"/>
    <selected_item id="4212603330" quantity="1"/>
    <selected_item id="2556005188" quantity="1"/>
    <selected_item id="3186164773" quantity="1"/>
    which grants a choice of:
    • Fearstrike Quarterstaff
    • Greatsword of Death's Respite
    • Crimson Star Staff
    • Gesture of the Last Rite
    • Blood of the Red Shadow
    Quests still do not support predicated rewards determined by your class, race, home city, progress on another quest, or other property. Due to the complexity of that data, it may be a longshot. We've asked about Status rewards and they are tricky due to scaling but it's possible!
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  13. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    Collections and Quests are now exported with both types of rewards mentioned above!
  14. Mystara

    Mystara Guest

    This may be a dumb question, but how do i actually use the XML that this generates?

    I'd love to get a full list of the collections, but where is the actual parsed data?
  15. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    XML is just a way of presenting the data. You can also request the data in JSON format. Are you trying to load this into a programming language like PHP? Are you wanting to just have something you can paste into Excel or Word? Are you wanting the Name, Level, and Category of each collection?

    Because there's all this data, such as all the items that make up a collection and their icons, plus all the rewards you can get from a collection, Census has no idea what information you actually want so you have to make a specific request or "query". I'm happy to help you write any query you want to get the data you want.

    Here's a link to get all 860 collections in EQ2, sorted by level, with the name, category, and level shown:


    We're working on adding Collection support to EQ2U. Actually it's mostly done.
  16. Mystara

    Mystara Guest

    Thank you. That looks more familiar to me as soemthing I can import into a SQL database.

    I look forward to the collections being added to EQ2U it's become my go to site for information.
  17. Singman

    Singman New Member

    Hi, is there any way to find recipe books for a character ? I could only see all the recipes it know (using c:show=known_recipe_list).
    Thanks :)
  18. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    No. We run the recipes your character knows against the recipe books those recipes are found in. Note that different recipe books can contain the same recipe.

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