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Halls of Fate <Primal Vengeance> - progression raid guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Zephanor, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member


    Updated: 2018-10-18

    Is your game play getting a little stale? Do you miss the days of yore that stirs excitement from that first kill? Do you long for the comfort of friends and family at your side while toiling away at billions of hit points from the next ugly mob?

    Good news, friends! <Primal Vengeance>, a progression raiding guild on the Halls of Fate server, is currently recruiting <strikethrough>non-douchebags</strikethrough>, er, highly skilled players for our raid force. Applicants should be interested in raiding and available during our raid times as much as possible. We expect you to make an effort to attend our raids, but recognize that real life can intervene.

    Current Recruitment Needs:

    None at this time but any high caliber player is welcome to reach out.

    Even with those needs, we're still blasting our way through the game, currently working through T4. Come join us, won't you?!

    Don’t lose hope if your class isn’t in the above list. We are always willing to consider highly skilled players of other classes. But, keep in mind that the classes not listed are less likely to find a consistent spot on our raids. We also have a friends and family rank if you wish to remain casual.

    Raids are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays with an optional raid on Sundays from 9:00pm to 12:00am Eastern.

    We are a tight-knit group of people who enjoy the game and each other. Our core members have played the game together for years. As such, we are not interested in drama queens (or kings!) We are, however, actively seeking mature and experienced individuals who enjoy long walks on the beach that are interested in raiding. One thing our years of experience have taught us is that raiding is fun, but serious, business. We all want to progress through the game, and as a result, we actively try to improve our own characters in terms of gear and skill.

    Applicants should be level 110 with max AA, mythical buff, master spells or higher, 700+ resolve, 420k resists, fabled/mythical epic weapon or working toward it, etc... or should be prepared to meet those requirements in short order during the recruitment period. We are a guild that believes in helping members, but we expect our members to help themselves as well.

    Loot distribution is accomplished via a DKP system (a more in-depth look at our loot policy can be found here). We also utilize an attendance-based plat split that rewards attendance.

    If you are interested in our guild, please contact Halls_of_Fate.Dizzturbed, Halls_of_Fate.Kamea, Halls_of_Fate.Darkblast or Halls_of_Fate.Zephanor in game or check out our site and submit an application: Primal Vengeance - An Everquest2 Raid Community.
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  2. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    If anyone is looking for a new home with some cool folks check us out!
  3. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated recruitment needs.
  4. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated recruitment classes.
  5. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated current needs. Any outstanding players that are looking for a new place to call home is welcome to reach out.
  6. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated some additional classes.
  7. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated classes.
  8. Zephanor

    Zephanor New Member

    Updated classes with the latest.
  9. wahidovic123

    wahidovic123 New Member

    how we can check you out ? i want a new home with some cool folks
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