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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Ersa

    Ersa Guest

    After you speak with Olnita and the update sends you back to Haylis you'll see this dialog:

    Haylis Losaren says to you, "That, I'm afraid, isn't something I can tell you. I do know however, that you need a shard of your own dogma. Something that symbolizes what you believe and how you view your world. Without that, we cannot continue."

    You say to Haylis Losaren, "Very well. A piece of my dogma, you say? Ethereal for sure, but I think I can find something suitable. I will return."

    At this point each class will have their own place to "harvest" their shard. If you open the Norrath map and select "Norrath" instead of the default current zone, you'll see where you need to go to find your own shard. It's different for each class but should be very close to the person you last spoke with on your epic 1.0
  2. Osh

    Osh New Member

    Mystic dogma is near Takk (Epic 1.0) in the Eldar Grove
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  3. ladypants

    ladypants Guest

    The Fury dogma is in Darkflight Wood at Thelia Ne'Fyre (445, -8, -267), have to go all the way up the tower to the top floor.
  4. JohnnyFive

    JohnnyFive Guest

    Rough Copy here * feel free to edit *

    Eq2 Awakening Bonds : The First Steps
    Quest pick up!

    1st Priest Cave : Nek Forkest -1,304.52, 13.37, -755.74
    2nd Priest st Cave : Surface cave entrance is 97, -21, -419
    Priest cave in Antonica at 115, -24, -399
    3rd priest cave Commonlands Location is /way -139, -8, 794

    * Have to click each item in this zone: missing 1 item out of each zone, will cause you to start all the way over again!

    Quest says find 3 disciple's : here they are!

    1st disciple found.
    Go to LFay and talk to NPC there to get first clue for 1st Disciple
    L Fay /wa -117 -54 -246
    Everfrost Zone, NPC Marta Terrilon, loc (-55.9, -3.3, 128.21)
    -55.9, -3.3, 128.21
    go to pandas in Stonebrunt, need 50k faction to buy bamboo soup
    then talk to Ma Fu a panda there, she talks to you about the priestess
    then go to Hua mein, you will find Olnita there
    she is near the zone in..she has dialogues, you have to answer correctly or start over..i suck at getting logs though soo
    but she gives you censr after
    Return too Nek Forkest -1,304.52, 13.37, -755.74 Turn in to NPC in Cave

    2nd disciple found.
    1st Ghost -172.10, 44.83, 329.73 Feerrott
    2nd Ghost CT Doors feerrot
    3rd CT Fabled heroic its at -58.16 0.00 -34.02 in fabled ct ( bell on ground ) In fabled CT

    3rd Disciple found
    Pick up page in lavastorm at -131, 15, -318
    Pick up hammer in Thurgadin in temple of Brell on top of bookshelf.
    Talk to Historian right there near the hammer.
    Go into Stygian (heroic). Run to end of the zone, and click dead gnome in the crystal room.
    Kill the Named Kobold in the forest that's near all the kobold trash.

    Priest Cave : Nek Forkest -1,304.52, 13.37, -755.74
    Defiler Shard is at : 182 87 -425 ( Kunzar Jungle ) ** Still need all priest class loactions**
    Place shars on chest in same room ( ports to sancturary of unity )
    kill vereything then collect shard bye portal
    sancturary of unity
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  5. JohnnyFive

    JohnnyFive Guest

    Work in progress. Tho this was put togther by myself, the actual facts and locations was due to discord / Priest helps. Notable entrys of said locations and updates goes to the player base that helped! Great work guys / gals
  6. Lojask

    Lojask Member

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  7. Drdope

    Drdope Guest

    One clarification is when doing the Pandas, you must do the Ning Yun Retreat Time Line. You cannot simply do the faction repeatable. The result if you do is Olnita will talk to you, give you dialog and give you incorrect choices with a 100% fail because you have not learned the ways of enlightenment as depicted in the Panda TL.
  8. Oneup

    Oneup Guest

    Updated in Awakening Bonds: The First Steps
  9. Ersa

    Ersa Guest

    Here are the steps for Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road

    • Must be level 6 in your Ascension class
    • Completion of The White Dragonscale Cloak
    • 20,000 Guktan Guard (Faction)
    • 50,000 Othmir of Velious (Faction)
    • Must complete the Othmir quests in Great Divide
    • Must complete the Othmir quests in Cobalt Scar timeline
    When you are level 6 ascension, return to the hidden tunnel in Nek and speak to Haylis for the next step/quest: (Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road)

    1. Talk to Ward Glanral /way -53, -79, 469 in Moors of Ykesa. Take the balloon to Tupta.

    2. After talking to Ward Glanral he tells you that you must have consecrated tools to cut the gem with.

    3. Go to Great Divide and talk to Osh (/wa -1633, -534, -2429). He talks about cleansing water of Prexus. You get permission to use this water to cleanse the tools. He will tell you to get the ceremonial bowl from Fynn. (NOTE: to get this dialog from Osh you need the Othmir questline completed in Cobalt Scar)

    4. Buy an Othmir Ceremonial Bowl from Fynn /way -1363, -533, -2135 in Great Divide (visible once you have 50k faction with the Othmir of Velicious)

    5. Click on the bowl of melting ice twice.
    /waypoint -1629, -532, -2358 On the ground to the right of Shrine of Prexus

    6. Find a suitable spot for the ritual.
    Travel to /way -978.29, -487.65, 301.86 in Great Divide and click on the red glowing bowl. A set of three mobs will spawn. Kill them.
    You need to clean a second tool. Click the bowl, and again fight a set of three mobs. Kill them and quest should update.

    Heavy heals are needed for this fight. The mobs stun, port, and fear. FYI - if multiple priests are on the same step only one should click the bowl or double mobs will appear. The quest will update for all priests in the group on the same step with only one priest doing the clicking.

    7. Return to Ward Glanral outside of Tupta in Moors.

    8. Find Glanral's assailants, and ensure they cannot hurt anyone else."
    - Kill Chirgon (mage), Kragis (healer), and Tarkas (tank) (/way -43, -88, 331)
    mobs are only visible to priests on the quest and will not be visible to anyone else in the group until the priest aggros them. You'll need a lot of dps to take out Kragis. One successful method: kill Chirgon, beat on Kragis until about 50-60% health then have someone charm Kragis and move away. Beat on Tarkas until the charm breaks on Kragis. Kragis should have low health at that point and can be killed before healing up. Then kill Tarkas.

    9. Talk to Ward Glanral in Ethernere. He's in Cardin Ward (Obol Plains) at /way -329, 15, 5 and let him finish the work on the stone.

    10. Return to Haylis Losaren at Nek inside the hidden tunnel.

    11. Perform another ritual on the altar. Reward is Dogma Jewel

    12. Return to Haylis when you have ascended further (ascension 7 ?)

    Credit goes to multiple people for this info: Solange, Suedoenim, Mermut, Thargonis, Noja, Whakapu, Whorth, and myself. Apologies to anyone else I may have missed.
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  10. Zebella

    Zebella New Member


    also need
    50k Hua Mein (faction)
    50K Disciples of the Circling Destiny (faction)
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  11. Ersa

    Ersa Guest

    There's no need for faction with Hua Mein. You fly in and can avoid the guards while talking to the first priestess.
    The 50k faction with Disciples of the Circling Destiny is needed to buy the soup for the first quest.
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  12. Canth

    Canth New Member

    The steps for Awakening Bonds: Forks in the road don't include the fact that you get the quest from Haylis. Above it shows the first step as talking to Ward Glanral.
  13. Zebella

    Zebella New Member

    I had 0 faction with the hua mein and could not enter the city, so maybe u have to do the quest line not faction? so that u can get into the city :) but I did bash out the full faction with them bah hehe :) good to know u just have to do the quest which allow u to access the area.
  14. Kiahn

    Kiahn Guest

    In find the first disciple I just flew into the village to speak to Olnita
  15. Whakapu

    Whakapu Guest

    Othmir faction can be boosted 500 a pop if you have Cloudy Velium Jewel (Heirloom) check all your toon's then speak to Topi in Icy fingers
  16. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    Awakening Bonds: Once Was Lost... - Ascension lvl 8 quest

    Return to Haylis to get the next starter.
    Click on the omen stones when directed to
    Use the portal near him after the conversation

    Work your way through the various mobs until you get to Skalmos. Fight him ranged, moving out of the bubble things he spawns under you perdiocally.
    Cut-scene like encounter ensues

    Talk to Seerees in the cave.

    Go to Vesspyr Isle to collect shinies. They look like regular yellow shinies. It's a set of 8. The can be found on most of the islands.

    Turn in collection. Return to Haylis. Get reward.

    (( ER may be a pre-req, given the conversation, but we don't know for certain as nobody w/o ER has tried it ))
  17. IveyVines

    IveyVines New Member


    Does anyone know why I can't pick up the hammer that's on top of the bookshelf? Thanks!


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