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Population data + fight indicators

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by nallar, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. nallar

    nallar Guest

    Is the per-area population data (1-12,12-24,24-48,48-96,96+) available in the API anywhere?

    Additionally, is it possible to get the data used in the in-game map for blinking dots indicating fighting in that area?

    I couldn't find anything in the API, but might just be being blind.

  2. airmetforums

    airmetforums Guest

    Sorry, we don't surface any population data on census. We don't have the blinking dot "hotspot" indicators surfaced in census either.
  3. nallar

    nallar Guest

    Will this sort of data be added in future?

    I'd like to use a second monitor as a replacement map, as PS2 doesn't have any way of displaying the map on a second monitor.

    Due to this API limitation it doesn't seem possible to make a useful map tool outside of game either. :(
  4. Trooper454

    Trooper454 Guest

    I second that I would like to see this type of data in the API, but only on the condition that its 100% anonymous (no character_id tracking possible).

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