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PoP: RIP tradeskilling

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Mermut, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Ursa Minor

    Ursa Minor New Member

    And on reading that, my mind's eye immediately pulls up scenes from Erik the Viking.
  2. Dizzy

    Dizzy Active Member

  3. Charlice

    Charlice Active Member

    I estimate most players will of lost interest by the time it hits live. My guess is we'll see it end March.
    I'm already dreading the reward. It had better be something good, but common sense tells me I will be disappointed.
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  4. Senya

    Senya Member

    I'm curious about the tradeskill stuff, but I don't think I'll be back even if it turns out to be a great reward. Too little, too late for me I think.
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  5. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    it'll be a great item for..... adventuring.
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  6. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    My bet is a no-trade item which gives +50% XP Bonus.
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  7. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    GU105: A Stitch in Time is almost here! On February 13, this packed new update will bring the new Tradeskill Signature quest line, a new Public Quest, and a new Familiars season to Norrath!

    In the past, weren't game updates additional content that didn't include 1/2 of the current expansion that you already paid for? I love how they call this a GU when the bulk of it is the TS signature line that was missing from POP and it's almost 3 mos late as well. Unreal.
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  8. Khendrask

    Khendrask Member

    And, no testing. /shrug, I really don't expect much from DBG.
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  9. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    It's supposed to be going to test by tomorrow at the latest. Not really a lot of time for testing, but it's something!
  10. Senya

    Senya Member

    As it turns out, it is definitely NOT a great reward. I've not tested it and I'm not going to, but, in my opinion, it's some pretty lousy rewards. That pony "upgrade" is a joke.

    The best part of the tradeskill line on test is not even part of the tradeskill line. It's the level 100 baubles you can buy from the test buffer npc.
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