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Player activity using characters "Updated" ?

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by Sweatypie, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    There has always been this mystery surrounding the actual player count in EQ2 and since I am extremely nosy I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain enough data using the "Updated" section we see on our character sheet using EQU. If you let it gather enough data for a month surely it would get you enought data for an estimate?
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    At which point they will turn off the Census service. I have had screaming matches with them about it. They will shut down Census if we do what you describe.

    All the rest of Daybreak's games publish their population numbers. EQ2 is the special snowflake.
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  3. Tekka

    Tekka That Village Idiot

    Their reaction makes me wonder just how low it is.
  4. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    But wouldnt it be fun to see their reaction? I'm sure they wouldnt shut down census because thousands and thousand of players use it daily.
  5. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

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  6. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    Just do it man would be fun to see the game implode :p

    And you know what, they wont shutdown census. Its way too important to the remaining players that if they did, it would hurt the company bad.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  7. Tekka

    Tekka That Village Idiot

    The flaw in that logic is that they give the slightest <edited for content> about what's important to their remaining players (which I'm willing to bet is a lot less than folks think), and they clearly do not. See: KA, BG's, mechanics shuffling/changes, Dev attitude/comments to the players, PoP - the complete sham that supposed to be pve 'content' and the massive shaft the crafting community got.

    Stray slightly into tinfoil hat territory and you could make the case that they want an out to shut it (the game) down with no liability and an excuse to blame it directly on 'bad players'.
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  8. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    People dont find it odd that developers threatens their playerbase to take away one of the most used tools? Damn.
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  9. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    They will either shutdown census or change character exports in such a way that would both prevent it and make the API more of a hassle to use in general. At this point in the game's life they might just go with the first option, but the latter was definitely under consideration last time this came up.
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  10. IakeFD

    IakeFD Member


    Don't find it odd at all.
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