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Outfit not appearing correctly/at all.

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by Victix, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Victix

    Victix Guest

    Hello !

    Our outfit ([ES] Escuadrón de las sombras, miller TR) doesn't appear in planetside universe and not correctly in the official website.

    It's a problem because when we want to check stats on PS2 Alerts (for example) we don't appear. Let me give you a few links.

    http://www.planetside-universe.com/search_psu.php?q=Escuadron de las sombras: this is when you search "Escuadron de las sombras" in planetside universe. Our alter Vanu outfit appears, but not the original Terran. You can only have access to it by searching the name of one of the members and going into the outfit page however, the info on the page is not updated and some things are missing: http://www.planetside-universe.com/outfit-37509488620601976.php

    Finally https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/outfits/?outfit=37509488620601976: This is the link to the official website, the only problem that there is, is that the Terran Republic flag isn't showing, but that might mean that there's an issue.

    I talked with Shaql on PTS and told me that there is a problem with the API (don't know what that means but if it is of any help I say it)

    What are the solutions for this ? Thank you for the answer !
  2. kalimag

    kalimag Guest

    The outfit itself appears correctly in the API: http://census.daybreakgames.com/get/ps2:v2/outfit/37509488620601976

    However, the leader listed in leader_character_id does not exist in the API: http://census.daybreakgames.com/get/ps2:v2/character/5428072203501242209

    The outfit collection in the API contains little information, it doesn't list the outfit's server and faction for example. Presumably those sites try to get that information by looking at the leader character, and break because it doesn't exist. This would explain why the faction icon is missing on the official site, and I guess this could cascade into further problems that cause the outfit not to appear correctly on PSU and PSAlerts, depending on how they work.

    I'm not sure if there is any solution on your end. Was your original leader deleted or banned, perhaps? Assigning a new leader might solve the issue, but I'm not familiar with outfit management so I don't know whether this is even possible.

    I'm guessing your outfit isn't the only one affected by this, so a general solution for developers might be to collect extended outfit information from a member in case the leader isn't found, though this would necessitate additional work and an additional query or resolve/join of the members, of course.
  3. Victix

    Victix Guest

    The first leader is innactive and gave the lead to someone else (that specially logged in to leave the outfit a few days ago) who promoted another member to outfit lead. Now there are two other Leaders (one of them is me) along with the third who is inactive and is going to leave the outfit on Friday.

    What we think is that the first leader became innactive and the character status is like a deleted or banned one, https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428010618036463905/ Here is his character

    What we're going to try is to give the lead to only one of the leader and see if the bug is corrected.
  4. kalimag

    kalimag Guest

    The API lists the leader's character ID as 5428072203501242209, which doesn't match the one in your link. There is no character under that ID in the API, but googling it lists a now-broken PSU page for "ComunidadCHS". Either there was yet another leader before, or there is a different problem whereby the API lists a wrong leader_character_id.

    I think the leader_character_id listed by the API might be the founder of the outfit regardless of any subsequent leader changes, in which case there's probably nothing you can do. I haven't really worked with this part of the API however, so this is just a guess.
  5. Victix

    Victix Guest

    Then I am clueless...I will do my little research and see if I can talk to the ones that were there when the outfit was created

    We will try to leave only one leader in command and then we will see if that resolves the problem. I will reply to the post in order to give the results.

    Is it possible though to manually modify the Leader ID (someone from SOE for example) and use mine ?
  6. Victix

    Victix Guest

    I finally was able to talk to the people that were there at the begining.

    So it seems that the person who created the outfit was demoted by a Game Master named "Yoth" and gave the leadership or ownership to the character named "ComunidadCHS" which was probably deleted...
    So I will send a ticket support to SOE and then see what happens...

    Thanks A LOT Kalimag for your help, you have been of great help ! It is very much appreciated.
  7. Victix

    Victix Guest

    Hello again !

    So we did as I said, there is now only one person with the highest rank possible and it is not fixing anything.
    And I'm asking the same again: Is it possible to manually modify the Leader ID (someone from SOE for example) and use mine instead of re-creating the outfit ?
  8. kalimag

    kalimag Guest

    I suppose you could try logging a support ticket or wait for them to notice this thread (which doesn't seem likely based on the recent lack of official posts here), but to be honest I'm not expecting customer support to be willing/able to help. It seems to me that the leader_character_id is sort of a relic surfaced by the API, it doesn't actually appear anywhere in-game where the leadership is instead represented by ranks that can be held by multiple people. I think you'd have a better chance talking to the developers of the affected sites and asking them to look into the issue, after all the issue likely lies with how they are using the API.

    I should also restate that my diagnosis is just an educated guess. I have no intimate knowledge of the API itself nor the mentioned websites using it, so don't take what I'm saying as gospel let alone do anything drastic like recreating the outfit on my behalf.

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