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Other Games....

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Fuli, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Castegyre

    Castegyre Active Member

    I'm thinking about giving Project Gorgon another shot. It's been a couple of years since I looked in on it and now it apparently has a free demo. I remember it as a game that I'd recommend fans of older MMOs at least look at.
  2. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    AoC Dev Stream Feb:

    19:30 for gameplay footage. Game looks really good.

    • Building functionality into the website so that players can do stuff on their phones; Guild chat, recruitment, AH's, etc.
    • Next player test in 3 weeks or so.
    • Combat Animations: took player feedback from last test, made animations freer and more fluent.

  3. Glasscannon

    Glasscannon Member

    The game looks beautiful. Not sure if the gameplay will be what I'm looking for. But in my wildest fantasies this is what an Everquest 3 looks like.
  4. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    I just bought a PS5, I'm super excited to play Bloodborne and Demon's Souls. Does anyone have recommendations for PS4/PS5 games? (I also bought the Dark Cloud games and the Shadow of the Colossus remaster)
  5. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    Get a cheap PS+ sub from cdkeys.com and make sure to check out the PS+ Collection (you can see the list of games here: PlayStation Plus Collection details revealed + your November PlayStation Plus games).
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  6. EvilTreerat

    EvilTreerat New Member

    Discovered Generation Zero courtesy of a LetsPlayer and enjoying it. Yes its only 4 people max on a map at once, but that is 3 more people than could be found for 97% of the content in EQ2. Plus there is something to be said for a game that has enough polish that you can dive behind the wreck of the last robot you shot and hear bullets bounce off.
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  7. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    The future of multiplayer is small. I don't think it's coincidence that Valheim has 10 people max per map and blew up 4 million in February alone. (Not the sole reason either, but I suspect it's baked in the cake.) Just you and a few friends, no trolls or griefers or random jackasses.
  8. ElenaDeborah11

    ElenaDeborah11 New Member

    I am still playing Skyrim on my old XBOX. Can't do anything- just love this game. I don't have typical hobbies like cooking or gardening. When someone asks me "What do you need?", the first thing I can think of is "What I need? What I need is for Alain Dufont to die."
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2021

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