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Ooh dear ...

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Tkia, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    They should just call it the "tease server" in the interests of honesty.
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  2. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    Not gonna happen. EQ1 was like this for a long time and they stopped doing it a few years ago.
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  3. Zynt

    Zynt Active Member

    That's basically the way it is in EQ1. You don't get the newest expac but you get everything up to the one before it plus gold status for free. Since it's a /testcopy situation plat and items are meaningless because you can copy over a mule every day, even the same mule, and just offload it to your main. Double exp all the time. It has a decent population, grouping, and raiding, and they actually test things.
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  4. Let alone the fact, if you're talking about anything EQ2 related and "XYZ should be free" comes up - should just stop there, 'cause it ain't gonna happen. Just like politicians, once DPG has it's hand in your pocket, it ain't never coming out. And it might not feel bad at first, but they'll just keep squeezing until the pain makes you walk away.
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  5. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    Another 'fun feature' the dev's have cooked up for next expac...
    The RNG 'quest' to get the various shards from heroic and raid zones is, apparently, going to be required for entry into at least one raid zone next expac...
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  6. Dano84

    Dano84 Member

    So Ladies & Gents new Crates (Blood Ember Crates) are in town, that was quicker than i thought.......

    The new P2W Element is a "Familiar Buff" Buff. When your Familiar is Lvl10 you can cast this spell and it increases Fervor, Flurry and max hp based on your stats.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2020
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  7. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    This buff that buff some other buff bought buff (ninja debuff nobody talks about) side buff quest buff zone buff random buff HOLY MOTHER OF MACHINES does the character matter anymore?!? Or something like, I dunno, PLAYER SKILL?

    Walking away from this shambling dumpster fire was one of my better decisions.
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  8. Arazons

    Arazons New Member

    To be fair, Kandar is fairly useless when it comes to anything in the creativity realm. So it only stands to reason the only thing he can truly come up with for the game is to just provide more of the same, but with increase stats in some form or another and then calls it a day.
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  9. LuranEQ2

    LuranEQ2 Member

    How does it go again? "If you don't like it, don't play it," or something like that? It's got to be in the top-ten Kander quotes.
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  10. Dano84

    Dano84 Member

    The company realized that the latest P2W Item is wrong. They understand that the item in it's currentform is not desirable enough to spend money on it. Guess what !
    They changed / added Fervor Overcap to it and now its an OP item.

    The raiders on discord are more than unhappy about this.

    The Company /Devs have now effectively created a 2 class T1 system. DDs who sleep with their Debit /Credit card next to the PC and pay 2 win for DPS and those who can't afford it (Family, Redundancy e.g.)

    This blatantly asking for more money any other week is sickening.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2020
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  11. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    Whenever I see that Kander quote, I'm reminded of back when I worked at SOE, he gave me a "stern talking to" (ie: raised the possibility of having my forum posting privileges taking away and having all of my posts run through a community manager, among other things) for joking about buffing a class I was playing, yet he said something like that. I guess his comment was acceptable because it was on Discord though.
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  12. LuranEQ2

    LuranEQ2 Member

    Or just a case of the old “Rules for thee, not for me...”
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  13. Glasscannon

    Glasscannon New Member

    So they have already released three versions of loot boxes inside of a year? The first ones came in October or so of last year, around the time of the anniversary event. The second ones came maybe in February or so. And now July? It's just madness. At this point it's just a PC game with mobile-game mechanics. I'm actually kind of curious in a moribund way what the next expansion will look like.
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  14. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    Must have X tokens from lootbox purchases to advance to T4 raid.

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  15. Khendrask

    Khendrask Active Member

    Probably have to pay $180 for the "Premium Pack", which will include two keys to unlock the actual (limited content) from random loot-boxes... one loot box per quest/spell/ability/recipe, and you will need to unlock 50 for the sig line, and another 400 for raids. Fortunately, even though the keys will be a random world-drop, with a 0.00000000012% chance of a drop, they will conveniently be available on the Marketplace for only 2500 DBC each!
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  16. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    As much as I try to defend Overwatch-style lootboxes, DBG shows exactly how vile the system can be. It's amazing to me that EQ2's population just accepts this garbage. EQ2 is already one of the most expensive MMOs to play even aside from the pay to win mtx. It's ridiculous.
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  17. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    Fewer and fewer people are.. they are part of the reason the population keeps diminishing... so they add more pay to win hoping for short term game, drive more people away, try for more short term gain... it's a vicious cycle that only EQ2 management can break. But that would require admitting error AND fixing it... neither of which they seem willing to do.
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  18. Because of people like Raff.
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  19. Zynt

    Zynt Active Member

    Raff is a ****nut with rarely anything of substance to say.
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  20. Castegyre

    Castegyre Active Member

    I have thought for some time that they have to do the p2w full press because the moment EQ2 stops hitting whatever goals are set for it will be the moment they get the final draft of the sunset announcement ready to publish.

    As for Raffiki, I don't generally ignore anyone, but I did stop paying attention to his nonsense a very long time ago. I wouldn't want to say someone was a liar or a coward, but I might point out when someone is being constantly misleading or dishonest. Especially if that person has a tendency to be a drive by **** disturber who doesn't have the capacity or conviction to back up what dribbles out the back end of their brain pan the majority of the time.

    Anyways, I miss my Ogres.
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