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Ooh dear ...

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Tkia, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

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  2. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    So, the Dreamweaver project Jen teased was a podcast.

    Only podcast I listen to is Ron Burgandy (iheart radio - so worth it :) )

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  3. Zynt

    Zynt Active Member

    I just spent 6 days on the road, 3800 ish miles, with absolutely nothing to do due to the black death boogaloo. All I do while driving is listen to podcasts and if there were nothing else to listen to besides the wheels slapping endlessly against the cold, wet blacktop of deserted rural america I still would not listen to that.
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  4. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    There is a very small, but non-zero, chance that actual information will be communicated. I'd say the chance that mess that TS is this expansion is meaningfully addressed is even smaller though.
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  5. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    I will listen to it later when I have time.
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  6. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

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  7. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    I may have asked questions less likely to get answered than TS questions... healing questions :p
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  8. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    If this is Dreamweaver's project then I'm actually all for it in concept. But with Kander? The King of Communication? If that's the best material Dream has to work with he's definitely going to struggle.
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  9. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    I thought that Dreamweavers pet project was the test-copy test server.
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  10. Dano84

    Dano84 Active Member

    I am not surprised to see this podcast alive again. The same for the loot crates now being obtainable ingame and the level back at harvest material.

    It seems that DBG7DPG "Business model " "Let's milk the playerbase as much as we can while they are on the moon" is being caught up by the reality. With the health issues and the recession they will have to fight for every account /player.

    As far as the podcast concern in episode 1 you have Kander admitting that the Luclin expansion is not what they wanted it to be and there is a lot of room for improvement. Atleast i give him credit for admitting that.

    I was about to say that it doesn't look promising for casuals as they haven't been mentioned in both episodes. Dreamweaver however made an announcement on Discord that Episode 3 is about crafting, casuals and Auto Attack.

    There is one thing that i feel is hard to swallow for casuals that like questing. I quote "Overseer Missions are (sort of) a replacement for quest(lines) on the server as they only have Kaitheel doing quests at the moment."........

    You can post questions for upcoming episodes on the forum.
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  11. Arclite

    Arclite New Member

    Just listened to both.

    Points summary:

    • April GU will bring major class balances
    • Overseer levelling added
    • Kander - BoL was a colossal failure post launch in terms of bugs. Still tuning. Raids did not go as planned.
    • Next expansion will do an overhaul of AAs and add another 50 points.
    • Some stuff about tradeskill...
    • Resource council (similar to raid council) will be formed so direct input to devs at design concept stage.
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  12. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    AAs really do desperately need overhauled, the current system is not great and the server profiles are terrible for some classes. I'm not sure I trust them to get it right though.
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  13. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    This. I dread them messing with the AAs since I only play at the lower levels now and they seem fine to me down there. But I'm sure they won't stay that way when they start fiddling :(

    And the idea of having to reset complete AA trees on nigh on 30 toons is likely to be the last straw that stops me logging in for good.
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  14. Endymion

    Endymion Active Member

    Server profiles were a cool idea in theory but it's yet another ball the developers (in this case, Caith) have to juggle as balance shifts, and that ball got dropped pretty fast.

    Class balance and AA revamp got my ears perked, but just based on recent history I don't have high hopes. Grinding AAs and chasing loot were some of my favorite parts about EQ2; loot isn't fun now and I suspect AAs are probably going to be made far less interesting to simplify the balancing of them...
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  15. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    I will say, there has been a definite and more positive set of changes since Jen took over.

    I'm 100% confident that if Longdale were still in charge, eq2 customers would continue to be exploited and treated like crap.

    Time will tell if what's being communicated is sincere, but I appreciate the candor and what feels to me like is an EP who is putting her foot down and focusing on customer welfare.
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  16. Tekka

    Tekka That Village Idiot

    Class balance has been a dangling carrot for years, with a time frame set at least once (maybe twice). So that one is a big X to doubt until it actually goes live, and even then, I expect it would be the biggest Charlie Foxtrot in the past 5 years.

    I kind of suspect the AA thing, if it's not just another carrot on a stick, will look something like what Blizzard did with simplifying the class skill trees in WoW (that was almost universally hated).

    If Kander admits BoL is a failure, does that mean the BG's will shut the **** up about how fantastic it is?

    Overseer levelling will probably have the most attention paid to it because it's their newest cash shop teat.

    The rest is irrelevant because they won't listen anyhow, or don't care.

    EDIT: These are my predictions. Historically I've been pretty close, so we'll see.
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  17. Dano84

    Dano84 Active Member

    Something else interesting to know in regards to AA Revamp. Kander mentioned that the Class Balance and especially the AA Revamp are now their main priority over features (less Content?).

    From my understanding this means that Caith and the mechanics guys will primarily focus on the AA revamp the next 6 - 8 months. From discord chats it looks like there might be some "Non Public" testing (late summerish?) with (High End) player happening.
    Next expansion either 50 or 100 new AA Points, to early to make that call.

    After Luclin they want to do new expansions /storylines not tight to everquest. Kander gave "Ravencroft" Horror themed expansion as an example.

    On a side note : When i first read "Ooh Dear" i thought that Benito does his own Podcasts..........
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  18. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    Yes and that went out of the window the day I logged in a bunch of characters and they were unceremoniously dumped on with a bunch of free AA points. There went a large part of my motivation to log those toons in anymore :(
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  19. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    I interpret this as meaning back to basics, and an end or reduction to all the stupid feature add-ons that most people neither like nor want.
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  20. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    Is there much difference? Lot of hot air, very little substance ... :D
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