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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Khendrask, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.



    Just saying.
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  2. RhodrisNZ

    RhodrisNZ New Member

    Your quote tags are showing.....
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  3. IakeFD

    IakeFD New Member

    I have a hard time believing that's the only reason she left this studio where she'd been so integral to so much for so long, but ok.
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  4. Cindrax

    Cindrax New Member

    So, the ALPHA test on live for the tradeskill quest line started....

    Another turd released filled with bugs and crap code. Will they ever release anything polished?
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  5. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.


    the joy of deleting just ONE too may things. Thanks.
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  6. Anaogi

    Anaogi Member

    I'm not going to pretend to know why Domino "really" packed it in. But I do know the loss is really, really glaring.
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  7. Cindrax

    Cindrax New Member

    Hahaha... that had me laugh... so now they are down to blaming lag on the users end to cover their release of shitty broken code.
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  8. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    Assuming they fix the Valves, and the lag in Molten Throne, the questline will be reasonably solid imo. I would not class it as enjoyable to do multiple times, but was kind of fun to do once.
  9. Mermut

    Mermut Active Member

    Don't us shiny tracking while on the 'path', that causes a huge hit as the game tries to find a path where no walkable route exists.
  10. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    Even without tracking and such, certain areas cause huge FPS drops. You move 1m either way and it fixes again. Several people have been getting 0 FPS and basically frozen.
  11. Mermut

    Mermut Active Member

  12. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    So not to call you out, but you posted this on the official forums:

    I'm curious why not. You spent time beta testing and got the same reward as those people who are logging in and doing the content normally. Am I wrong to interpret that as the devs not considering your time to be worth anything?
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  13. Mermut

    Mermut Active Member

    I didn't get any reward for working on the TS line on test..
    Rewards for testing are nice, but they're not WHY I test.
    Also, I'd rather they give that familiar out to everybody who does the sig line then have NOTHING in the sig line that is crafting/TS related.. and, no, for me, the bag doesn't count.

    Is it optimal? Not at all. Would I have prefered something better? Absolutely. But I also can get that familiar on all my toons, now.

    PS I don't feel 'called out'. It's a good question.
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