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Necromancer Parse Thread

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Post your best parses from ACT (screenshots please!). Also don't forget crucial details like what classes were in the group, deaths, whether you were in offensive or defensive, deity buffs, group buffs, and anything else important to know about the encounter.
  2. Veta

    Veta New Member

    Only because it beat the beastlord. Group: Illy, Troub, Necro, Conj, Inq, Defiler. Buffs: EV and UT only. Unfortunately no epic weapon until tomorrow. Wildfire is Journeyman and Scorched Earth is Expert. 1 31 17 Danariun.png
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  3. Dubblesong

    Dubblesong New Member

  4. Sacredeth

    Sacredeth New Member

    I am doing something SEVERELY wrong. What the heck stats do you have, Veta? I'm at 19k potency, cap crit bonus, over 300k ab mod, and my grandmaster awaken grave rarely if ever gets over 200m max hit.

    Also, how in the world did you get soulburn to hit for 3billion? Mine never hits for more than 300m.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  5. Carnades

    Carnades Guest

    can you give instructions on how to post it, when i try its all blurry so cant read numbers

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  6. Sacredeth

    Sacredeth New Member

    Ug. I love my new reaper pet. But why do I have a feeling it's going to get changed drastically at least a few times before it becomes just barely slightly better than an old pet? I really hope not, as getting my epic and the spells put me in a place where I am just about as good as our non-epic having beastlord with similar stats to mine.
  7. Veta

    Veta New Member

    Group Setup: Troub, Illy, Wizard, Fury, Defiler, Necro
    Buffs: UT and EV
    Journeyman Reaper and Ancient Reaper
    Ascension Spell Tiers:
    Scorched Earth - Master
    Bulwark of Rime - Journeyman
    Wildfire - Journeyman
    Elemental Amalgamation - Journeyman
    Glacial Freeze - Grandmaster (yes, I made the mistake of paying 2 win the one ability)
    3 8 17 Vhaksiz.png
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017

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