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Necromancer Ascension Class

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Sahrina, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Sahrina

    Sahrina New Member

    Since we are closing in on having all 4 ascension classes at lvl 10, I'm curious if anyone has done any serious testing to determine which ascension works best for Necs. I know personal taste is involved here but any information would be appreciated.
  2. Sacredeth

    Sacredeth New Member

    I like thaum because of casting times, the damage is always firing off because of DoT, and everything has a nice long range, so I don't have to move around a lot.

    Etherealist was the coolest, but I didn't like how the spells fit into my rotation including forcing me to move around more for different ranges and the shot to the boss for assassin. The casting times and reuse times were all a bit off as well compared to my comfort zone with thaum.

    Elementalist was actually pretty fun and would probably be my other choice on top of thaumaturgist if I were to switch. The You get fewer DoT's, though, but you get a cool blue aoe and a nice dumbfire pet dragon, which is entertaining.

    Geomancer is the only one I'm not sure about yet since I only have 3 spells for it. I would assume that with mudslide and granite protector, it's also pretty strong and fun. So really, it doesn't seem to matter.

    If you haven't put any work into leveling the spells for any of them, I would probably advise to go with etherealist or elementalist for sheer entertainment factor along with the fact that both of those have at least one nice blue aoe, which the other 2 classes lack. But like I said, i'm sticking with thaum for now, since I do very well with it and don't want to pay more money for a different one since the one I DID pay some money to catch up ended up being a waste because I don't like the way it feels in my casting.

    It would be nice to be able to pick 4 or 5 total spells from across classes that you could keep rather than being stuck into one. But oh well.
  3. Sahrina

    Sahrina New Member

    Sacredeth, thanks for the feedback. Elementalist has been my main since the beginning and I am happy with it but working on thaum as my 4th ascension now. Since thaum is all disease damage I'm curious if all Necs innate abilities/spells/debuffs play out better while in the thaum ascension. For example, I saw a forum post saying that our Lich ability was not working correctly unless in thaum ascension. Not counting the number of nukes, dots, buffs etc from the different ascensions just disease already being built into Necs, I'm thinking of moving thaum to my main when I max it out. Suggestions/comments?
  4. Sacredeth

    Sacredeth New Member

    Well, the reason I went with thaum originally was for just this reason. I figured, why not have a constant chance of debuffed damage from natural abilities rather than occasionally cool spells. I can't really speak to how much our debuffs actually work, and currently i'm not even specced to have max debuffage because of a desire for other things. But I will say that I perform well with the asecension. I don't know, however, if I would do better, the same, or worse with one of the others at the same spot. I do know that I didn't like etherealist when i tried it out even after putting some money towards it. I thought I would switch to it, but it just didn't feel as good nor perform well enough to make me switch. Dummy tests put my thaum over etherealist on 2 min fights consistently enough to show that a switch wasn't worth it. That being said, all ascensions are strong. Thaum is the most boring, but plays most closely into what a necromancer is all about. So I'll stay with it.

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