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More layoffs at Daybreak.

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Uxtalzon, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know a lot about forgelight. But since everything Daybreak does is massively overpromise and underdeliver, I have my theories. If hackers are running rampant, then they've found a way to get around the detection code that's supposed to detect specific executables running in memory.

    I can't begrudge people for botting. Not for a game as tedious, grindy and group-sparse as EQ2 has become under it's current leadership.
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  2. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    Daybreak, now by remaining in business, makes itself look bad. I agree with Feldon's removed comment think that the Russians bought SoE to wash their money and hide it from the ERS in Russia (Eternal Revenue Service). Since the news of the Russians being investigated with the DBG's connection with them, I have heard nothing since then. So I guess the under-the-table brown envelopes got passed and the investigation died.
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  3. Castegyre

    Castegyre Active Member

    Much of the information is removed from any place I can access it now, but back before SOE was sold there were more than one comment made about how Forgelight as-is actually couldn't handle Landmark and would need significant re-working to handle Next. Which, of course, was in the works so don't worry!

    It seemed to me like SOE was always cutting corners in all the wrong places with their games. Shoe stringing bargain bin engines along for years instead of doing it right from the start is just stupidly short sighted imo. Even DC was built on Unreal 3 instead of 4 iirc. But at least it was better then DBG driving everything into the ground with a disingenuous smile.
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  4. Makya

    Makya New Member

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  5. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

  6. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

  7. Uxtalzon

    Uxtalzon Member

    Producer's letter (link). Calling PS:A a stepping stone, yeah might as well amputate the toes after shooting the foot. That'll help. Mentions nothing about PS3's development.

    Someone genius jumped on it and reported it as "confirmed", then other sites joined the bandwagon.
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  8. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    I am confused. Why did they lay off all of those people from PS2 if they are expanding the planetside universe (only to hire more people)?
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  9. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    Hire interns and newly graduated programmers for a fraction of the cost of experienced ones. If you find you do need a few experienced programmers, hire them as consultants for a few weeks. Saves on benefit costs and long term costs. After all, to most business, the bottom line is God. Check at 4:44 for a good example :eek:

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  10. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    This PS stuff makes no sense.

    Lay-off your staff, put out a PL letter that sells PSA as awesome and here to stay, and then spin a bit of hype about an incoming PS3?

    Even if they scrapped forgelight and brought in U4 peeps, where they hell are they gonna get the budget for a 3-5 year development? I just can't see Daybreak funding that.

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  11. Cindrax

    Cindrax Active Member

    Maybe they are just re-coloring and re-skinning PS2 and slaps a PS3 title on it...
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