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Fighter Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member


    Epic Weapon 2.0 quests are now active in EQ2 and it is up to us players to figure out where they start, all the intervening steps, the main quests which are Archetypical (Fighter), and the subquests which are class-specific and tie into the Epic 1.0 quests and lore. This is the place to discuss, research, and speculate about past and present lore and clues to the location of these quests!
  2. Pheidra

    Pheidra New Member

    Possible epic piece for fighters, the waypoint in Qeynos is: 470.91, -26.99, 81.00 "a washed up helmet" only fighters can see it...
    [Discovered by Hamster on Discord Chat]
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  3. Pheidra

    Pheidra New Member

    Fighter 2.0 Starter: [First mentioned by Trifonic on Discord Chat via a post by "Lea" on DGB forums]
    A "Hidden Cache" in BB was discovered today at /way -342, 178, 1291 that is Fighter-viewable only*
    Pre-Req: Freeport or Qeynos City Timeline [Discovered by Schmogre]

    "This instance will expire in 694 days 11 hours" - It does not appear under zone timers and thus does not appear re settable.

    Zoning in, there is a small room with barrels, chests, tables, and scrolls. You can only click the items in the following order. Once clicked, you cannot click again:

    Clickable chest - "This chest bares the mark of a four armed creature. You do not recognize it"
    Bag of Flour - "This flour appears to be fresh and unladen with bugs"
    Single Scroll - "This scroll appears to have a fighter symbol on it. The spell scribed in an unknown language."
    Scroll Vase - "This vase is filled with scrolls. There appears to be notes scrawled on the outside of the scrolls that do not make sense to you. The only thing you can make out is "Visions of the slumbering one".

    Cache #2: [Discovered by Genghes]
    Great Divide: -136, -408, -175 (inside Tizmak caves, accessible @ -356, -351, -296)
    click on weapon rack
    - This rack has weapons on it that bare the same mark of the four armed creature you saw earlier

    click on training dummy
    - This training dummy is heavily used. the blows seem deep and powerful

    click on the chest
    - This chest is full of armor pieces that bare the same four armed creature mark. the lid is covered in a thick layer of dust

    click on the book case
    - A large book case with mysterious books on it. Some are quite old
    Scrawled in Pygmy in the front cover are the words "The night is always more dangerous."

    Cache #3:
    Phantom Seas: loc @ 902, 19, 783 (In Ghorkaal) [Discovered by Genghes and Meilay]

    Click on armor:
    - This armor is rusted and old, it bares the mark of the four armed creature as you have seen in the other places

    Click on weapon rack:
    - these swords are rusted, but still sharp, they bare the same familiar mark

    Click on the stove:
    - this stove has not been used in years

    Click on the chest:
    - you open the chest. inside is a book with the mark of the four armed creature on its cover

    It appears to be a training manual. in the cover is inscribed "a new bloom of growth."

    Cache #4: (The Keep) [Discovered by Raenius]
    Withering Lands: Location @ /way -1972, -575, -1163
    Mysterious Barb: "Stand fast fool! How did yuh be finding this palce! Be true or I'll swat yuh into two sticky pieces"
    Answer: I stumbled upon some secret rooms and just followed those clues to this place. Where am I?
    Mysterious Barb: So yur a durned detective are ya? I spose yur looking for loot and treasures. I'll kill ya where ya stand!"
    Answer: "Actually, I was just looking for adventure."
    MB: Adventure yuh say? Well what sort of adventure do yuh think yuh can handle thre Tiny?
    1. I can handle pretty much anything
    2. I am a great hero, known among much of Norrath. Who are you calling Tiny?
    (I chose 2)
    MB: Alright. Alright "Hero". Yuh seem to be scrappy. This here is the Keep, home to the Protector's of Norrath.
    Me: What part of Norrath do you protect?
    MB: Like "all" parts. Norrath. Tis ours to protect, yuh imp. Each of us have performed the seven triumphs, and been through all the trials and tribulations laid down by our fore-persons.
    Me: Seven triumphs? What tribulations?
    MB: Aww, I said too much. Off with yuh. Yuh got me riled.
    Me: I am serious. I want to know. What tribulations?
    MB: Do yuh think yourself scrappy enough to embrace death and terrors? None would hold yuh back?
    Me: None would hold me back. Trust me.
    MB: Alright. Here ya go "Hero". Take it. If yuh can solve the riddles and perform the seven triumphs, then we'll discuss how much tribulation you can handle.
    Me: Nothing would please me more
    You receive [The book of the Seven Triumphs] (\aITEM -1081499390 -293219705:The Book of the Seven Triumphs/a)

    Seven Triumphs
    1. Trial of Strength
    Travel dark, its twists and turns.
    Many coils descend to this battle yearns.
    Twice the count of arms, minus one will place.
    Great strength is needed here to break of its embrace.

    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers) [Discovered by Ingerimm]
    Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths - in the water with the last boss. Chest appears to move
    Confirmed locs: 149, -108, 147
    72.29, -108.06, 24.32

    2. Triumph of Power
    Crossing over, trespassing in the past
    Sanctuary for some, for others aghast
    ratios outweighs you, fear is in the rumble
    Though time has had its shot, power stays the crumble.

    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers) [Discovered by Genghas]
    Temple of Veeshan: Labs of Mutation
    Confirmed Loc: -1,875, 286, 860

    3. Triumph of Focus
    Burning fires, ever were ones changed.
    Minds vurn vright, yet they remain deranged
    Buried is the locale, lurking in the dark
    Appearing without blood, their focus ever stark.

    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers) [Discovered by Benji (Discord) and Airablade (Forums)]

    Maldura: District of Ash
    Confirmed Loc:104.03 -7.74 -159.80.

    4. Triumph of Presence
    Endless vistas, emerges another world
    Ragged flags, in anger planted, disdainfully unfurled.
    The terrains edge is sharp, its waters ever cold.
    Terror strikes the vermin heart, a presence to behold
    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers) [Discovered by Ogdinmar]

    Wurmbone's End
    Confirmed Loc: -167, -75, -119

    5. Triumph of Rage
    Vines grow wild, covering walls, grounds, and towers.
    Common fear lurkers here, impulses are to cower.
    Empires ascend and spill, but none defeats its clock.
    Thieves angle, from outward doors. Rage answers the knock.
    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers)[Credit to Agarth]
    Highhold: Thresinet's Den [Heroic] at /loc 167, -102, -100

    6. Triumph of Mastery
    Answer (highlight if you want spoilers)[Credit to Krumble, with shoutouts to Ogdinmar, Pheidra and Taled]
    6th update is in Ssra: Inner Sanctum at loc 215, -83, 99

    Return to the cache at Withering Lands: Location @ /way -1972, -575, -1163
    Talk to the guy outside and he lets you inside the keep

    Conversation with the Quartermaster:


    Next Quest Steps:
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
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  4. Jakaan

    Jakaan New Member

    5 Ascension Berserker went to that spot and couldn't see find anything.
  5. Jakaan

    Jakaan New Member

  6. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    Had a monk go here just now dont see anything, faction?
  7. Nero

    Nero New Member

    Lvl 5 Monk, went to BB, couldn't see it either.

    Maybe some pre reqs... faction?
  8. Ansom

    Ansom Member

    Same, i can see the helmet (1/7 armor part...), but nothing in BB.
  9. Brailyn

    Brailyn New Member

    Didn't see anything outside of Unrest either. 5 geo zerk
  10. Elvoron

    Elvoron New Member

    Could enter the Zone and clicked the 4 items... Guardian/5 Thauma
  11. Airablade

    Airablade New Member

    Confirmed room and helmet with Guardian/5 Geomancer
  12. Mullins

    Mullins New Member

    Has any other fighter class been able to see it other than guardian? I am an SK / 5 Geo, and can see the item in Qeynos but not this portal.
  13. Edrickx

    Edrickx New Member

    Yes, paladin. I discovered it after someone else suggested the relationship between unrest and hate on DBG forums.
  14. Elvoron

    Elvoron New Member

    Guardian/Asc 5 After I visited the Cache in BB near Unrest I went to Sleepers tomb Uncontestet.

    -1115,-184,-170 is the position of Amy Theen, the Steward long time ago she just gave the Title the Mnemon. Is this new with KA or something i just missed?

    You say, "Hail, Amyn Theen"

    Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "And so you return, having brought the gift of action. So many have died in this tomb, and so many more will... However, you have silenced the echoes of he who slept here, and thus once more have done a great service for me."

    You say to Amyn Theen, "And yet I still wonder who you are."

    Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "I can tell you but little, my memories are consumed by this place, confused. You have brought clarity, which is no small boon, but clarity is one thing I cannot offer in return... What I will offer is the opportunity to forever be known as the Chromatic, keeper of scales. "

    You say to Amyn Theen, "What exactly have I done?"

    Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "More than you know. Farewell, Chromatic..."

    You have been granted a new suffix title: the Chromatic

    You say to Amyn Theen, "Goodbye?"

    You say, "Hail, Amyn Theen"

    Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "And yet farewells are not enough, are they ever? You are the Chromatic, just as you are the Mnemnon. These two things are present in body and spirit, and you have taken these things from the Tomb into your essence. They are a part of who you are - the Tomb and the memory of the Tomb."

    You say to Amyn Theen, "Your words are half-understood."

    Amyn Theen:Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "Words were never the important thing, as I said before - action is. Though the Sleeper's Tomb may never truly know peace, and though it is not likely to ever serve its purpose again, and though I am not likely to ever serve my purpose again, you are present in this world in a way I nor the Tomb can ever hope to be. You can act, while we cannot."

    Amyn Theen, "Ghost, what are you getting at?"

    Amyn Theen:Amyn Theen\/a says to you, "You will bring us with you, into the world, with our memories and our being. You shall go forth into the world as something greater than what you were, and all shall herald you as the Prismatic Shadow! Go, with this blessing, and act where we in this Tomb cannot."

    Amyn Theen:Amyn Theen\/a says, "I must leave now, they are calling me..."

    You have been granted a new suffix title: the Prismatic Shadow
  15. Ansom

    Ansom Member

    Is possible to confront quest/faction ecc, from who can see the portal, and who can't? With enough data, we should enable to find the right quest.
  16. Raenius

    Raenius New Member


    these are old titles - you get those titles from that NPC granted when you have done all quests within contested zone (dropped quests, quest-clickies etc.).

    Gratz, tho!
  17. Beloved

    Beloved New Member

    We need more people filling it out to really be useful.
  18. Edrickx

    Edrickx New Member

    The Circle of the Unseen Hand sell an item for 66P, it has only been discord in the last few days, and you need max faction to buy it. It is a golden feather belt, may be the golden toilet reference (waste/waist). Perhaps this is for the four armed man you don't recognize chest.
  19. senneth

    senneth New Member

    I think Unseen is a scout guild, so it would make sense for that to be part of the scout epic if so.
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  20. Ansom

    Ansom Member

    A question for who can or can't see the starter zone:

    pls check for this two quest:

    A Fallen Idol

    End of Immortality

    Not sure if the data are correct.. but the difference from who can and can't see, are this 2 quest.
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