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EQ2U Funding and Such

Discussion in 'EQ2U Players Support & Feedback' started by Feldon, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    From a little bit of searching, it looks like the LOTRO API was shut off in 2013 a day before Helm's Deep launched and has not been reinstated.

    SWTOR seems to have an API or a third party API. I'd have to research it.
  2. Khendrask

    Khendrask Active Member

    Okay, you were valuable to me when I was playing EQ2, and thank you for looking into the above... $$ incoming!
  3. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    If you want to jump on the hype train, Fortnite has a pretty decent API I believe. Especially for it's secondary mode - Save the world.

    Quite a few sites already doing work on it though, e.g https://www.stormshield.one
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  4. Dellmon

    Dellmon Member

    I think one of the, if not the biggest, reasons that EQ2U was as successful as it has been was their tagline - - "For Players, By Players". EQ2U created features that players wanted and needed and would leverage. Why? Because they were players themselves and understood (to the best of their abilities) how the game was played, it mechanics, and what players needed to be successful.

    To support this all you need to do is look at the second (?) iteration launch of EQ2Players and you can see why that tool sits out in the Daybreak boneyard rusting away.

    Couple the strong relation that Feldon and Dethldr had with Daybreak with their EQ2 game knowledge and they being fans of the game is what let them create a very successful tool / fan site.

    Hopefully this does not come across as being "Debbie Downer", but I don't think you ever find that magic again in just looking for game next's API and building a site for it to monetize. Without being a player, fan, and having the passion for the FAN SITE that your creating then all you are building "EQ2Players.com Next" and the MMO internet landscape is littered with those already...
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  5. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    For sure I would have to have other people explain that game to me which would have some things lost in translation. No surprise that I hoped to make a site for both EQ and EQ3/EQN as that would be a great return on the investment of time it took to get the backend of EQ2U up and running.
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  6. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    Contact DBG and ask if they would be willing to buy it if its almost entirely self sufficient and requires little to no mainteance, maybe they will invest in the game for once to keep it running.
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  7. Ynnek

    Ynnek New Member

    Long overdue donation on the way.
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  8. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    A new chart January 13th would be great. See if the expansion had any effect on eq2u lookups and how high it spiked.
  9. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I have had quite a few donations in the last 3 weeks and I will be making good on that buy fully updating the site over the coming weeks. And yes I can do another stair stairstatistics run.
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  10. Nelenerap

    Nelenerap New Member

    Feldon, thank you for providing the community with such a robust and useful resource. My wife and I use the site often to help optimize our characters. The improvements that have been made to our performance would not have been possible or would have been MUCH more difficult had we not had access to this site.

    If you did an annual subscription like you pondered on earlier in this thread, we'd definitely buy in on it.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that we sent a donation in today. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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  11. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you kindly. I've gotten quite a few donations recently which is making it at lot easier to keep things rolling. Thank you all.
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