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Heroic DPS help

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Bergex, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Bergex

    Bergex New Member

    Hello all, wanted to have someone see if they can help me out, can you take a look at my profile on EQ2u and see based on my gear what I should be outputting for DPS? After that could I share my rotation and someone able to critique it to improve on. Thanks for your time. Also what poisons are Assassins running these days?
  2. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    I probably won't be much help as I don't play a scout, but getting more tithe will help.
    Aim for more potency, work on the evil epic 2.0.
    With the tithe points don't just work on the Potency, work on CB as well, so you can reforge CB once you go over cap. It reforges really well into other stats.

    At a quick glance over your pot value, as a non-scout player, I would say you should be around the 700 mill+ area for dps.

    Reforging for 100% strikethrough and 100% accuracy will help with proc rates (melee is pretty close to dead this expac from what I hear) and also if you have a front facing mob (some bad tanks or annoying scripts do it(haven't encountered a front facing mob script this expac though)).
    Flurry doesn't proc, but it does help your melee parse. Check ACT to see how much of your damage is from auto-attack and see if you find flurry a worthy stat, may be better to focus on other stats like ab mod or crit chance.
    I see you have a Trak server Green adorn. There are some blue adorns that you could get for some of the silver coins from the merchant that give a nice amount of potency.
    I'm sure a scout will be able to give you better advice.
  3. Coiled

    Coiled New Member

    100% strikethrough and 100% accuracy are unnecessary. Perhaps 50/50 both, even for T3 raiding you still hit >99% of swings. This probably depends on your weapon skills though.
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  4. Dedith

    Dedith New Member

    Assuming the toon you want looked at is Berge, I'll state my thoughts:

    Reforge Sources (my opinion)
    • Reuse speed is too high, anything over 100 does nothing for your character. Reforge out of this.
    • Casting speed is high. The soft cap is 100, anything over converts (poorly) into doublecast. The 61% overcap converts to ~4.6%, not worth it in my opinion. Imo, reforge out of this.
    • Spell Doublecast will only work for Ascension abilities for your class. It's up to you whether or not the 43% are worth it there or not. Given they take so long to cast, I doubt it. Imo, reforge out of this.
    • Haste/Attack speed is too high, anything over 200 converts to flurry at a mediocre rate. The 437 overcap converts to 17.6%, not worth it in my opinion. Reforge out of this.
    • Multi-attack is too high, anything over 200 does nothing for your character. Reforge out of this.
    • AE Autoattack is too high, anything over 100 does nothing for your character. Reforge out of this.
    • If you feel your autoattack damage in your parse is not worth it, you can reforge out of Multi-attack, DPS Mod, and Flurry. Do not reforge out of Haste or AE autoattack as those diretly effect procs. Note, if you plan to go Geomancer at any point, do not do this particular option as you'll want good autoattack stats.
    Reforge destination thoughts..
    • Strikethrough and Accuracy are low, so those are good points to reforge into. Per the above replies, 50 total in each should probably do well.
    • If you feel your autoattack damage in your parse is still a decent amount, then you can reforge into DPS mod (600 soft cap, diminishing returns after.. I wouldn't go much past 1k) Note, if you plan to go Geomancer at any point, you'll definitely want to build this stat up as well as Weapon Damage Bonus.
    • Potency is always good to reforge into.
    • AB Mod is good as well, but you have 300k now and I'm not sure how much more would be worth putting into it.
    Some other things to consider.
    • 0% hate modifier is bad. Get -50%, there is no reason to be at 0%. Reforging into this stat only raises it (I couldn't figure out how to reforge negatively..) So you'll likely have to put on a couple Fading white adorns for glove and wrists.
    • Only 2 combat arts are grandmastered, the rest are mastered. I personally would of saved the master spellbooks to use as materials for making the grandmaster spellbooks. Upgrading to grandmaster should add another few percentage of damage to each combat arts.
    • Thaumaturgist is one of the lower damaging ascension classes. I recommend completing it to level 10, for the xp boost from the scrolls and then work on either geomancer (melee oriented) or etherealist classes next.
    • As you're a Thaumaturgist, your combat arts are automatically converted to disease, but your weapon hits are not. Applying a Disease Infusion or Poison Infusion to your weapons will make autoattack damage apply as that damage type, which will be increased by the Thaumaturgist debuffs (disease and poison work with noxious damage debuffs).
    • As you're a Thaumaturgist, getting a noxious rending proc for your ranged item would increase your ascension damage, your combat art damage, and your autoattack (presuming you changed it to disease/poison above). A quick glance at eq2u shows many options at 9 resolve or higher: http://u.eq2wire.com/soe/item_searc.../-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/Noxious Rending/9/-1
    • Complete your Epic 2.0
    • You may wish to try to get to resolve 338 solo so that you can get into Expert Heroic farming groups. There are 5 items at 7 resolve and 1 item at 5 resolve. Granted, they'll be hard to replace, but you won't be worth much in an Expert zone without 338 resolve. Possibly turn in the Bonecaster items for coins to get an ethereal adornment? I don't know how many coins you have, how much it trades in for, or how many coins an adornment costs, so do some research before you commit to this.
    • Get to 4k crit bonus (or 4150 as you have the offhand).
    • Get the KA Tradeskill timeline completed so you can upgrade to the BiS cloak.
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  5. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    there is literally a wall of text for optimizing numbers in a game.

    oddly, i thought playing the game was the important part, not juggling numbers like a mafia accountant when their capo visits.

    just a random thought on reading the information (helpful! and super awesome that you DID help, dedith).
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  6. Bergex

    Bergex New Member

    Just want to say THANK you to everyone who took the time to type out responses, it is very informative and I will take all the info and start putting it to work. I want to especially thank Dedith for the well thought out information, thank you for taking the time :)
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  7. Bergex

    Bergex New Member

    Yeah also I'm just shy of 90 coins to turn in for a eth purple rune if I turn my 2 eths into coins.
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  8. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

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