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    <Deep into Darkness> is recruiting more members to fill our ranks. We are a group of folks who have made friends through the game and we always welcome more people to the party. We are level 130 and have a T3 Guild Hall with most of the amenities. Our roster is a mixture of veterans, returning players, and newer players. We have lots of crafters in the guild, but also adventurers who are currently going through Planes of Prophecy progression and leveling up to 110. We are a helpful bunch who take care of our own and we love to help new and returning players learn the ropes. We regularly do events and like to change things up. Our goal is to have fun. We are LGBT friendly. All ages, levels, classes, and races are welcome.

    We have just a few rules to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.
    • No drama.
    • No politics or religion in guild chat.
    • Be respectful to one another.

    If this sounds like fun, please feel free to send us a /tell or ingame mail. Our guild leader is Katlania, and I am an officer (Zarrc).

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