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DCUO Census: More explanation of data?

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by ddidderr, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. ddidderr

    ddidderr Guest

    When I inspect the API and what it gives me I always have a lot of questions about what this and that value means exactly. Is there a site with explanations or if not can you provide better documentation for the API?

    Here just some examples from item collection I used item_id=2523258)
    1. <span style="color: #881391">stat_basic_attack: <span style="color: #c41a16">"52" (is this kind of crit?)
    2. <span style="color: #881391">stat_dominance: <span style="color: #c41a16">"86"
    3. <span style="color: #881391">stat_fatigue_pool: <span style="color: #c41a16">"270" (what is fatigue pool? I only know health and power)
    4. <span style="color: #881391">stat_finisher_attack: <span style="color: #c41a16">"185" (finisher means if I use a finisher superpower? again kind of crit?)
    5. <span style="color: #881391">stat_heal: <span style="color: #c41a16">"182" (heal is resto? or crit heal?)
    6. <span style="color: #881391">stat_health_pool: <span style="color: #c41a16">"624"
    7. <span style="color: #881391">stat_mitigation: <span style="color: #c41a16">"0" (what?)
    8. <span style="color: #881391">stat_movement: <span style="color: #c41a16">"0" (?)
    9. <span style="color: #881391">stat_power_heal: <span style="color: #c41a16">"258" (power crits? but all these crits if they are crits are not in percent here right?)
    10. <span style="color: #881391">stat_power_pool: <span style="color: #c41a16">"0"
    11. <span style="color: #881391">stat_resilience: <span style="color: #c41a16">"0" (what's that?)
    and that aren't all the stats this item gives, right? I mean where is precision, where is might for example?
    Thx in advance! :)
  2. Superskull85

    Superskull85 Guest

    Well I can help a bit:
    1. Precision
    2. Obvious
    3. Supercharge (me and Sore guessed)
    4. Might
    5. Restoration
    6. Obvious
    7. Defense
    8. Movement speed / Movement mode (did not check the Vault Movement change items to make sure)
    9. Vitalization
    10. Power
    11. Toughness
    The biggest problem is that these stats don't match the stats in the character collection so it becomes confusing really fast. Also some of the stats like stat_fatique_pool and stat_movement generally are not used on items in-game. You can generally link collection names to in-game names by linking them to an item on dcuo-db.com or with an in-game item.

    I'm guessing they are named that way to match collection naming from other game but still would like it to match the character collection at least.
  3. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    My suggestion is to do what we did with EQ2. Login to the game and compare your in-game character sheet and item stats with how they look in Census. Then make your own "answer key".

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