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Civilizations VI

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Errrorr, Jan 18, 2017.


Should I buy Civ:6

  1. Yes, Right now.

    2 vote(s)
  2. Yes, when it's 50% off.

    5 vote(s)
  3. Save your money.

    1 vote(s)
  1. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    Anybody buy this game? I played Civ4 and Civ5 and enjoyed them, but not sure Civ6 could be that much different that it's worth buying.

    Any opinions?
  2. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    i played the poop out of civ v.

    91 hours on record.

    I don't have Civ VI. Reason why is the last two Civ games were better to buy later after a few DLC's had come out and fleshed out the game and removed a few serious bugs.
  3. Pink Poodle

    Pink Poodle New Member

    I was told by hardcore Civ V fans to wait until more things are added. Also, price drops.
  4. Santargria

    Santargria New Member

    I have Civ 6 - so far it's a bit different from previous versions and not too sure I'm a fan of this version.

    Too busy with EQ 2 to spend too much time on it at the moment anyway
  5. Elinea

    Elinea New Member

    I know this is an old post, but my husband and I play this together every Sunday. We have roughly 220 hours each logged, and we really enjoy it. Some of the newer mods help make it interesting.
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  6. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    In the end I bought it in a 50% off sale and have yet to play it lol.

    Will likely change soon though when I get a free weekend
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  7. ElenaDeborah11

    ElenaDeborah11 New Member

    Have you played the Charterstone board game? Did you enjoy the game and/or story? I’ve been interested in this game because of the board game but didn’t know it was on steam until the remote play sale event thing. So obvious question, is this game both able to do remote play, and is remote play any good for this game? I’ve tried remote play in the past and it was terrible, is this game any good with it?

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