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CA chains?/hotkey layout

Discussion in 'Beastlord' started by Carnades, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Carnades

    Carnades New Member

    Like with the assassin is there a prescribed best chain of combat art casting order?
    Im trying to learn how to play my beastlord better as sometimes my necro is locked on a zone or out of asc xp for the day. also how most hotkey layouts are done that have been successful. I have tried several but parse is still very low.
    Im using profit ui and when using the beastlord hotbar I often missclick and end updragging one of the advantages or primals off onto the other hotkeys messing it up, is there a way to avoid doing this?
    if all of these have already been talked about can someone please point me to the article as i have already searched until my eyes bleed and havent seen any.
  2. Entropy

    Entropy New Member

    Here's my setup. Target/implied windows aren't shown but are just to the right of my self window.

    BL optimal cast order is pretty dynamic and the class really only shines when you understand the flow of the encounter and when to cast (or hold) something. However, the basic premise is to build savagery to level 6 by spamming Advantages, and then unload it by casting your primal chain. I go from right-to-left to cast the primal chain.

    The only Advantage ever worth casting is slot 1; you'll notice I have it dragged to my main hotbars which is where I cast it from (they are lock-able).
  3. Navari

    Navari New Member

    how do you get your exp bars set like that on the right?
  4. Docktur

    Docktur New Member

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