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BoL - updated math

Discussion in 'Items, Equipment, and Mechanics' started by Inyala, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Inyala

    Inyala New Member

    For starters, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to gathering this information over the past 15 years, and I hope people will keep adding to it as long as the game keeps running.

    In the past, information about all the math behind the game could be found on eq2flames. There was a period the devs would make posts on the official forums with some details. But over time, the math changes and old information is no longer updated. I wanted to put this on the wiki, but couldn't find a proper place for it.

    So instead here goes, some math in a forum post.
    Please be aware that all numbers are decimal numbers. Multiply by 100% if you want results as percentages.

    Unless stated otherwise, when multiple stats affect the same result, the numbers are multiplied. Order of multiplication does not matter.

    Be aware that opponents may debuff these stats. When aiming for caps, going for higher amounts may be beneficial.

    Below list is not complete.

    Green stats
    Primary Attributes
    (Strength, Agility, Wisdom or Intelligence depending on archetype)

    These stats increase all outgoing damage (Spells, combat arts and autoattack) by a percentage.
    • Stat < 1200: depends on level; not relevant at level 120.
    • Stat > 1200: ln(PrimaryAttribute) / ln(2) * 0,28 - 2,2

    These stats also increase maximum mana.
    • Amount depends on level and is visible in ingame tooltip. For level 120, 1 stamina gives 10 mp.

    Increases maximum health.
    • Amount depends on level and is visible in ingame tooltip. For level 120, 1 stamina gives 60 hp.
    Increases maximum health by the stated amount.

    Increases maximum power by the stated amount.

    Offensive skills

    Increases Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing, Ranged and Aim by the stated amount.
    These skills improve hit rates of the corresponding weapon type and increase the minimum damage of auto-attack and combat arts.

    Spell skills
    Increases Disruption, Ministration, Ordination, Subjugation and Focus by the stated amount.
    These skills improve resist rates for offensive spells, reduce spell costs for support spells and increases the minimum damage for damaging spells.
    Focus improves the hit rates for wands, increases the minimum damage for wand autoattack and reduces interrupt rates when receiving damage while casting spells.

    Defensive skills
    Increases Defense, Parry, Deflection and Aggression by the stated amounts.
    Utterly useless.

    Blue stats
    Increases outgoing spell damage. Also used in the math related to Combat Mitigation.
    Increases outgoing heal amounts.
    Increases outgoing damage for buffs cast on other players that have a damage proc.

    Crit Bonus
    Increases outgoing damage for combat arts, spells and auto-attack.
    Increases outgoing heal amounts.
    Increases outgoing damage for buffs cast by other players that have a damage proc.

    All classes have a base amount of this stat (between 20% and 50%). Details in in-game tooltips.

    Almost the same as potency.
    When recording damage (for example when charging Victorious Concerto), recorded damage is before applying fervor.

    DPS mod
    Increases auto-attack damage.
    • DPS < 200: Diminishing returns curve, ending at 200 DPS = 2,00 damage increase.
    • DPS < 600: 1 DPS = 0,01 damage increase
    • DPS < 1000: 4 DPS = 0,01 damage increase
    • DPS < 1600: 6 DPS = 0,01 damage increase
    • DPS > 1600: 295 DPS = 0,117 damage increase
    Cap unknown. It's over 9000.

    Increases amount of auto-attack swings.
    Hard cap at 3000 MA for 2 extra swings.
    • MA < 200: Diminishing returns curse, ending at 200 MA = 1,25 extra swings.
      Extra swings = -0.0000000000014036 * MA ^ 5 + 0.000000000763038 * MA ^ 4 - 0.000000157311 * MA ^ 3 - 0.000012886 * MA ^ 2 + 0.01126 * MA
    • MA < 300: 10 MA = 0,01 extra swings
    • MA < 900: 20 MA = 0,01 extra swings
    • MA < 1200: 30 MA = 0,01 extra swings
    • MA < 3000: 72 MA = 0,01 extra swings
    Increases amount of auto-attack swings by a random amount from 1 to 4.
    Stacks additive with multiattack.
    Hard cap at 100 flurry.

    Weapon Damage Bonus
    Increases auto-attack damage by the stated amount.

    Base auto-attack multiplier
    Increased auto-attack damage by the stated amount. Does not work for wands.

    Melee Multiplier
    Increases attack damage by the stated amount. Does not work for wands, bows and crossbows.

    Hidden class auto-attack multiplier.
    Increases attack damage. Value depends on class and can be determined by calculating back from the WeaponStats damage.
    • Templar: 1,4
    • Bruiser: 3,4
    • Troubadour: 5,6
    Decreases time between auto-attack swings. Also called Attack Speed.
    Caps at 200 for 1,25 faster swing speed. No longer overcaps to flurry.
    • Weapon speed: Base speed / (1 + HasteMod) * (1 + IfDualWield / 3)
    • HasteMod = -0.0000000000014036 * Haste ^ 5 + 0.000000000763038 * Haste ^ 4 - 0.000000157311 * Haste ^ 3 - 0.000012886 * Haste ^ 2 + 0.01126 * Haste
    • IfDualWield = 1 when dual wielding and IfDualWield = 0 when using a 2-hander, sword & board or ranged.
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  2. RhodrisNZ

    RhodrisNZ Geographically Challenged

    Fantastic work! (I freely admit math is very much a foreign language and concept to me....)

    *staggers off to go and make a cup of tea....*
  3. Ceyarrecks

    Ceyarrecks New Member

    I am sorry, but unless I am missing something obvious,
    But I do not understand what the terms NumberCOMMANumber mean.
    one value comma then another different value?
    I see other decimal numbers, which obviously mean percentage of said original number;
    so the commas, the pause in reading, are obviously not a typo.
    So what does NumberCOMMANumber mean?
  4. Mermut

    Mermut Well-Known Member

    Guessing they're decimals... some cultures swap decimals and commas (swap compared to what I grew up with at least) when denoting large numbers and fractional numbers.
  5. RhodrisNZ

    RhodrisNZ Geographically Challenged

    Very common in Europe, particularly Germany . But not much different to the American way of writing dates back to front (should go from smallest to largest, I.e. day, then month, then year).
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  6. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Yep got used to this in Denmark. If something costs $1,234.56, over there it's 1234,56.
  7. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    Hard cap is not 100 for flurry other than that its pretty spot on.
  8. DivineVanguard

    DivineVanguard New Member

    Are we sure that DPS calculation is correct? I have a character with 9857.3 DPS Mod. Based on that calculation I came up with 1127% increase. However in my character window it says 4076% increase. It's possible I messed up with math somewhere but I triple checked it so I don't think so.

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