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Bases and territory alerts

Discussion in 'Census: Planetside 2' started by p3lim, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. p3lim

    p3lim Guest

    Which regions are actually counted for the percentage owned by each faction during territory alerts?
    E.g., I've heard warpgates aren't used in the calculation, others say they are.
  2. Ryekir

    Ryekir Guest

    Warpgates are not counted. Also, the percentage is based off of the number of territories, not the number of hexes (which I had originally thought), so each base is worth the same as any other base.
  3. p3lim

    p3lim Guest

    I might have some things mixed up, what would your definition of a territory in this sense be?

    For example, what I am thinking is that on Esamir there are 58 contested regions, 3 warpgates and 6 warpgate "supply-zones".
    So, in my head that is 58 regions that would be used for calculation, but I'm not sure.
  4. Ryekir

    Ryekir Guest

    A territory is the same as a "region" (I think it's referred to in the API), meaning it's an actual base. Freyr Amp Station is a territory/region, as well as Jaeger's Fist.

    Each of those is comprised of a varying number of "hexes" (literally just the 6-sided polygons), and I had originally assumed that the percentages were based off of those numbers, meaning that some bases are worth more than others, but this is not the case.
  5. Jhett12321

    Jhett12321 Guest

    Another thing to note is that the % territory control shown in game is always floored (i.e. always rounded down).

    Ripped from my territory control code:

           controlVS = Math.floor(facilitiesVS / totalRegions * 100);        controlNC = Math.floor(facilitiesNC / totalRegions * 100);        controlTR = Math.floor(facilitiesTR / totalRegions * 100);
    Where facilitiesXX being the amount of non-warpgate regions controlled by x faction, and totalRegions being all non-warpgate regions on the continent.

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