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Ascendent Vylardin's Shield Missing

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by Mysstie, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

    I put this on the official forums but thought I'd put it here too. This is still missing on the EQ2U site.


    \aITEM 1562190621 -1690376567 0 0 0 0 492026251 2 -1146206666:[Ascendent Vylardin's Shield]\/a

    EQ2U has this: Missing Item #1562190621 in the slot.

    If you want this stuff somewhere else, let me know.

  2. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

  3. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

    Hmm.. I notice this is now showing on my EQ2U Equipment page but Census still doesn't show anything. Did you just manually create a work-around for your site? I notice the direct item link EQ2U - Error Loading Item Data comes up with a data error.
  4. Uyaem

    Uyaem Member

    He added the items manually I believe.
    Said something like "one down, three to go" yesterday in Discord chat.

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