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Any appearance offhand that makes it look like you have nothing in hand?

Discussion in 'Items, Equipment, and Mechanics' started by Bergex, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Bergex

    Bergex New Member

    Looking for any appearance items that when put into off hand make it look like your hand is empty?
  2. Fairin Avatar

    Fairin Avatar New Member

    there is a shield off fitzpizel in deathtoll that gives the effect of a cloud on your wrist. that does what you want.
  3. Senya

    Senya Member

    I'm necroing this post, but just for future reference Voice of the Herald is an offhand item with no graphic.
  4. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    didn't the glowing black stone do this? or was it just my crappy graphics card back in the day.
  5. Shmogre

    Shmogre Active Member

    Also late to thread, but just had this drop while doing a Chrono quest: Lump of Coal - EQ2U - Item Details - Lump of Coal

    (It's basically a small rock you hold in your hand. There are a few versions of the "rock" weapon; this one dropped in Nektropos Castle: Tribulation.)
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  6. Senya

    Senya Member

    Glowing Black Stone has a glowing red appearance around your fist. Voice of the Herald has no appearance at all.
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