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An ode to all Rangers!

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by Payens, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Payens

    Payens Guest

    Well, let's start this sub forum with a thread related to my beloved class, the Ranger!
    6 years I'm playing this game, 95% of the time on this single toon, and the more I play him, the more I love him :rolleyes:

    You can solo easilly (most mobs dead before they reach you), try some heroic content with a healing merc (or even an aa spec with auto rez), and in raids, you can do pretty well, assuming you were connected this summer to get the eth runes (which I don't!).

    I've tried other classes (sin, dirge, templar, bruiser), but each time I came back to this so nice Ranger :cool:

    That's it, now we can discuss AA templates, stats and parse :p

    (by the way this topic is not - only - to say other classes are sub classes compared to Rangers :D)
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  2. Anghammarad

    Anghammarad New Member

    Hi Payens,

    I raided with my Ranger as well. Mostly, till our MT left and I had to take over with my mouzerker.

    I'm right now testing a few different AA setups. Single target without cb conversion, and AE with cb conversion. While the single target spec with the blazing shot line procs cb and pot up, if you keep up the rotation, which I find in this addon quite tedious due to the fights.

    Parses I don't have much to show, but some old ones form AoM where I was still active. New ones will come. And I missed that runes too. Trying to farm them in Kralet Penumbra...

    Ang (Anoashda the Ranger)
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  3. Payens

    Payens Guest

    I prefer the gamestyle of the left prestuge side, especially because coverage is soooo broken, but right side gives 1k cb which is quite op... Once I get enough gear / deity points, I'll switch back to left side...
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  4. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    Personally I'd go right side until you hit the CB Cap. Especially for heroics.

    Once you hit the CB cap, go left side again and give yourself more room for gear expansion and so on.

    (P.S - Wish I was still maining my ranger :( )
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  5. Payens

    Payens Guest


    (How could you abandon your Ranger !)
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