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Ability Casting/Reuse/Recovery Speed rename

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by Chillispike, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Chillispike

    Chillispike New Member

    The following 2 got renamed ingame:
    "Ability Casting Speed" => "Casting Speed"
    "Ability Reuse Speed" => "Reuse Speed"
    "Ability Recovery Speed" => "Recovery Speed"

    Checked which items don't have "Casting Speed" or "Reuse Speed" or "Recovery Speed" even the parameter normaly says so:
    1 Ability Reuse Speed : ID=2866028004 name = Cracked Skull Totem
    2 Ability Reuse Speed : ID=4218851879 name = Deathbone Lord's Buckler
    3 Ability Reuse Speed : ID=2608113050 name = Noxious Bone Shield
    1 Ability Casting Speed : ID=3029355455 name = Feathered Skull Fetish
    2 Ability Casting Speed : ID=3891019043 name = Plaguemist Buckler

    Results in total numbers:
    151379 items checked (Armor, Shield and Weapon)
    - Casting Speed: 2 "not" Casting Speed and 24328 Casting Speed
    - Reuse Speed: 3 "not" Reuse Speed and 18468 Reuse Speed
    - Recovery Speed: 0 "not" Recovery Speed and 915 Recovery Speed
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