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24 (or 36?) Hour Daybreak Maintenance

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Feldon, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Wulfgyr / Erytheal

    Wulfgyr / Erytheal Active Member

    Yep. I mean sheesh, can they grow up a li'l? :p
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  2. Wulfgyr / Erytheal

    Wulfgyr / Erytheal Active Member

    There was something kickin' around the back of my noggin' a while back (ok, lot's of somethings, but until I remember them, let's pretend it's only a couple....), and it finally germinated today.

    Has anyone checked to see of the daily "free" heritage crate has the same rewards as the "regular" heritage crates? Wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out the daily crates aren't nearly the "deal" that some of the #blessed forum dwellers say they are.

    But hey, that's probably just my cynical side speaking, a couple weeks into a sprint cycle when everyone's cranky. :D
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  3. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    Not sure when this happened but the 30 minute timer on edits on the OF seems to have been removed. I just spotted a typo on something I posted yesterday and fixed it over 24 hours later. And I do have a vague memory of seeing an edit option in the past and just ignoring it as 'too late now'. Obviously not too late anymore :)
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  4. Zynt

    Zynt Active Member

    I noticed it a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Julesholland

    Julesholland New Member

    I almost replied... I saw it two weeks and a day ago..... but then decided not to....
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  6. Wulfgyr / Erytheal

    Wulfgyr / Erytheal Active Member

    ....speaking of maintenance. The login server seems to be melting down again. Looks like a good chunk of the Euro players have had enough, and are relieving a bit of stress on the OF.

    Wonder how many Kander has banned from Discord so far?

    Edit: Looks like it's worse than it looks - downtime extended 2 more hours and the server reset didn't fix the issues they were having with the login server. I think the forum meltdown would be even worse, 'cept the login server issues are likely keeping a good chunk of folks from being able to log in and vent.
    Last edited: May 4, 2021
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  7. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    @Wulfgyr / Erytheal
    Yeah, I saw that. Tried to log into the servers last night after the servers were up but the login servers were borked.
    I ended up just going to bed hehe.

    Before the reset, the zoning was so slow it wasn't funny.
    Like 1-2 mins to get into a solo zone.

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