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2020 Ethereals

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Pale Rider, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. JimmyBananas

    JimmyBananas Guest

    This part really speaks to me. Those were amazing times...and unfortunately, I don't think they're ever coming back. Now, MMORPGs are more a matter of:

    Social interaction? Good luck finding a guild that isn't either a clique-fest, or filled with kids who are constantly talking about themselves, to themselves. Guilds have always had bad apples, but these days it's like slogging through rotten orchards.

    Earn stuff? Nah, just mooch, and when you main character can't mooch anymore, just make an alt and keep mooching. Don't worry about spreading the wealth around to your guildies/other players, or helping them get in on raids/dungeon runs that'd otherwise be meaningless to you.

    Learn your class? Nah, just play the "meta" and copy/paste all of your stats/skills/etc. off of the most popular website. As soon as it gets "nerfed", just jump ship and pick the next cool trend. I remember back in the day, we'd have spreadsheets and math charts for all of our stats, resists, gear, and abilities. We knew what everything did down to the core, and often times, players would have their own little techniques and secrets that made them unique to play with/against. It made for amazing players who stuck by their classes regardless of their weaknesses, because they maximized their strengths.

    I consider myself extremely lucky for having gotten to ride on the crest of the MMORPG wave.
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  2. Glasscannon

    Glasscannon Member

    Game on brother.
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