Would we benefit from an in-game "alliance" system?

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Demoneque, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Demoneque

    Demoneque New Member

    Would anyone be interested in an in-game alliance system?

    I would like to see a system that is similar to the EVE Online alliance system in EQ2. An alliance is a collection of guilds that are under one banner. This would allow smaller guilds to band together and form an alliance while keeping their guild tag. The alliance system would allow for shared communications in a separate chat channel, would allow to see who is online in both guild/alliance, and (for those that use it) allow DKP to be tracked in game for people within the alliance.

    I think this would be beneficial for many of us who refuse to give up the guild tags that we've been with for so long but give us enhanced grouping and raiding options since we wouldn't necessarily be part of PUGs that many players refuse to partake in. I think the end product would be better participation and communication for the community.

    I picture a character's name being displayed as:

    Firstname Surname
    <Guild Name>
    {Alliance Name}

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    I've been asking for several years for the Guild Hall door to support visiting all guilds that you have friend or trustee access to.
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  3. Demoneque

    Demoneque New Member

    I think that would be helpful.

    What I'm really interested in is the ability to more easily form raiding and grouping alliances. Too many of us refuse to give up guild tags, and this would give us a convenient way to play together under one banner with all the benefits of communication and administration. Raid alliances already exist in game, but they're cobble together in a tedious manner.
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  4. Sands

    Sands New Member

    Either an alliance system or the ability to be in multiple guilds at once, like how ESO handles it.

    Then people could be in an RP guild, crafting/trade guild, heroic grouping guild, raiding guild, etc. Although in ESO's case they are treated as different entities and have different chat channels, so you'd probably still need a custom chat channel that everyone can join when communicating across the alliance.
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  5. IakeFD

    IakeFD New Member

    Another layer on top of the Guild system tagged Alliance instead but using the same basic framework (as you said, like Eve) would be great. It's been brought up a lot over the years though, not sure there's much chance of seeing it at this stage.

    * Unless.. we offer to pay for it? We can kickstarter new EQ2 features!
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  6. Daalilama

    Daalilama New Member

    Agree....this game has moved from an over abundance of full guilds to increasingly one that has small and tiny guilds...an Alliance system that was set up to address group and raid content would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. Harvash

    Harvash New Member

    Especially if it comes with being able to hold sovereignty! I mean, who doesn't want to build a guild hall in Mara, maybe Lavastorm - or even Riverdale for you more delicate folks!

    Ok, maybe TOO much Eve there - but I like it!
  8. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed New Member

    I know that I don't want to give up my guild tag because our guild leader works hard to provide the perfect environment for our guildies, and I'm sure that almost everyone in a good guild feels the same way. I also know that I would LOVE to have better tools to ally with like-minded players.

    A chat channel shared between guilds actually provides a lot of the features we want. I can check who is online in both guilds by doing "/whochannel 4", and I can look for groups there, too. I don't really care about having an alliance tag over my name, so that's not an issue. What I want most in addition to what we already have is to be able to get a call to the guild hall (ability or item) of any guild I'm a friend with, and to be able to grant friend access to entire guilds rather than to one player at a time. With these two changes and the existing tools we already have, I feel like we would have an acceptable alliance system.
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  9. Stabbese

    Stabbese New Member

    This is one of the best ideas I've seen. I'm in a small guild and like the people there but I desperately want to experience the new content and epic 2.0 madness however, very few of my guildmates are geared or ready for the experience. Trying to get pug's is nearly impossible at time. I've wondered for a long time why smaller guilds didnt find a way to merge together and this we satisfy everyones needs. Large guilds are unaffected and smaller ones have a way to meet new and interesting people.
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  10. Lucus

    Lucus New Member

    This would be a good idea you could have an official alliance chat channel and a button in the guild roster to swap to an alliance roster and an ingame alliance channel.

    official chat and voice channels are much easier to reach and more accessible to everyone since you don't have to spread out channel names, passwords etc they just log in and alliance chat defaults in the guildchat window and alliance chat in vc is automatically on the dropdown menu.

    but best of all each guild can keep their guildhall for sentimental reasons, keep their rank structures intact, still have their own guild channels and all the escrow they have put into the guildhall over the years with their gh layout unchanged.
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  11. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed New Member

    Having an alliance chat channel would be great, but that would mean they have to implement and test a new system that allows alliances to be created and broken and modify the chat system as well. I don't think they will take on this much effort when we can just create our own alliance channel now.

    Changing our Call to the Guild Hall to give us a list of all the guild halls we are friends or trustees with would be much, much easier for them to do. They've already done it for the housing portal, so I think it is within the realm of possibility to ask for it. I suppose there would be the issue of how to treat guilds that give friend access to everyone, because you sure don't want all of them listed every time you cast your Call.

    Providing the ability to give an entire guild friend or trustee access to a guild hall is even more tricky, but would be extremely useful. Our guild permissions are FULL of individual people we have given friend access too, and almost all of them could be replaced by giving one guild friend access.
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  12. Nolus

    Nolus Member

    Yes, I've been begging for it for years. But the common response elsewhere was leave your guild, which well missed the whole point. I fully support an alliance system. :)
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  13. Seryndipity

    Seryndipity New Member

    It looks great on paper but right out of the gate, the biggest problem with alliances is if an allied member raids with the alliance, that potentially locks them out of any instance that said member may raid with their own guild. There is nothing wrong with PUG's and often in ToT, my significant other and I formed many PUG's with lots of other players from different guilds for the Ethereal dailies/weeklies. Also with alliances, you're going to have "too many chiefs and not enough indians." I've seen this before and it rarely ever works out when you have many members from other guilds under one alliance.
  14. Lucus

    Lucus New Member

    this is purely an administrative problem for officers and guild leaders of the alliance, this also presumes that one or multiple guilds have enough in their own ranks to form a full raid.

    all the guild leaders have to do is agree on a set of alliance rules if they raid and can fill a roster with their own guildies.

    people don't merge guilds because they hate loosing their old guildhall and rank structures. any alliance system even unofficial ones will have problems, that's no reason not to form an official alliance system which is easier to get into for all players, since it would be automatic to get the alliance channel without having to actually know the alliance exists to even participate in the channel.

    in the end issues with people being locked on raids is down to the guild officers setting rules to manage any problems with lockout timers if one or more alliance guilds fill up their own raids.
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  15. Mermut

    Mermut Active Member

    I raid on two difference 'alliance' raids and they both work just fine. That's because each raid has a raid leader. There's no reason alliance raids should have more drama then regular raids. It's stated up front that toons on the alliance are locked to THAT set of raids and the zones belong to the same raid force; exactly like for an 'in guild' raid. The only difference is that you're not required to be in any particular guild TO raid with the group. They're not PuRs, they're regular raids.
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  16. katz

    katz New Member

    I experienced the alliance system in Guild Wars (1) and the ability to be in multiple guilds in Guild Wars 2.

    What I liked about the alliance system:
    • Alliance chat
    • Larger group of people to get groups, raids, etc going.
    What I didn't like:
    • Drama
    • Intrigue
    • Coups - one guild was set as alliance leader and ambitious guild leaders would want to usurp leadership so you would see petty undermining of leadership and stupid stuff
    So I would prefer an alliance system where all are equal and there is no alliance leader.

    I really like being able to be in multiple guilds. We can do that now with having different characters on the same account in different guilds. I don't like having your entire account automatically all in the guild (like they do in GW2).

    What I would prefer is that you can have an individual character in multiple guilds.
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  17. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed New Member

    A great application for an alliance is when one guild has about 20 consistent raiders, but needs a few more to reach 24. They can partner up with a small guild that has 4 dedicated raiders. At first, having the larger guild absorb the smaller guild is a good solution, but that's not always the best solution. Our guild is small, and a few of us raid with a larger guild who leads the entire raid effort. It works out great, but would work out even better if we could call to their guild hall so we can use their potion box, ammo box, raid flag, heartbound statue, and whatever else they have given us access to. It is also handy when one of their crafters commissions something for us or vice versa.
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  18. IakeFD

    IakeFD New Member

    This is all nuisance stuff for sure, but not really anything to do with alliances.
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