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Will you be buying the new expac?

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by CoLDMeTaL, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Active Member

    Trying to decide if puttering around solo since I won't be able to make gear requirements for grouping is going to be worth it.
  2. Wurm

    Wurm Active Member

    Yes I will.
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  3. Dizzy

    Dizzy Active Member

    Waiting to see it on live before I decide however I haven't been subscribed or playing for months now and I don't seem to be missing the grind, I mean game at all.
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  4. Conifur

    Conifur Member

    I am waiting until I see it. No pre order and no order for a bit
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  5. Alarra

    Alarra Active Member

    I will be.
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  6. Fenin

    Fenin New Member

    Definitely. Raiding has been great this xpack imo, and that's what I enjoy most about the game.
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  7. Charlice

    Charlice Active Member

    Yeah, might as well. It's too hard to stop playing. I wonder when Beta will start.
  8. Elinea

    Elinea New Member

    Most likely, since I raid...but I'm going to say I'd have to see some of the details first. Hoping for a beta that lasts more than a week this time.
  9. Conifur

    Conifur Member

    Not sure when it will start but I guarantee it will keep going until a month or two after launch.
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  10. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

    More than likely.
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  11. Ansom

    Ansom Member

    On this round, i won't do the betatester (no preorder), i prefer to wait if the expa will be decent or the same crap fest.
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  12. Tekka

    Tekka That Village Idiot

    It depends on what housing and crafted housing items are added with the expansion - which is the sole reason I bought the middle edition for KA.
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  13. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    Not sure yet. I am still subscribed, but mainly because my lazy friend won't try any other games lol :p. Like others have said, I will wait until I see the details and feedback from beta, etc. before making a purchase. Unfortunately, I saw someone on the EQ2 forums that frequents Discord say that it sounds like the next expansion will be just as polarizing as KA is. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. Ansom

    Ansom Member

    Crafting and housing without Domino? :oops:
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  15. Mysstie

    Mysstie Member

    Oh yeah, isn't this the first expansion without her? Hmmm.. just have to wait and see.
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  16. Chocoholic

    Chocoholic New Member

    No ...
    but I quit buying new content a few years ago.

    I am not end-game on Live, and am playing FG currently. So I just add zones as they are included with base game when a new expac releases. I don't ever intend to play what is considered end-game now, it just doesn't look fun or have my name on it. So I guess I am playing as long as I am having fun ...
  17. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member


    Ill be staying on Fallen Gate until stats becomes a joke. If they decided to do a stats squish in a future expansion, ill buy it. Until then ill keep rerolling on the new flavour servers.
  18. Fenin

    Fenin New Member

    What's wrong with inflated stats? A lot of ppl seem to have an issue with it. It had no real effect on game mechanics except healing/hp pools, the numbers are just bigger. Is it just healers that are upset by it?
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  19. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member


    I did a wait and see last year, hopped back in during late March, and quit for good in May or there abouts.

    I can see how the game might retain some enjoyment for crafting mavins and peeps that like dinkin around in old content. But for me, it's over:

    1. Pay to win mechanics.
    2. Really poor product quality.
    3. Asian style grind content design.

    I've been playing ESO and having a really good time.

    1. Everything scales. No grey mobs or trivial loot drops.

    2. Mega servers - peeps everywhere.

    3. Superb story telling.

    4.TONS of content.

    5. A dedicated ffa PvP zone.

    6. Responsive cs and dev interaction.

    I could go on, and I'm sure I'll get tired of it at some point, but right now, eq2 doesn't even come close to the quality of that game.
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  20. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    the real issue isn't the stat inflation. it's the curve of the stat inflation, and the breaking of the new mechanic roll out method.

    For a long term game survival, usual stat curves go up by modest amounts per expansion. This allows older content to still remain somewhat challenging, while giving newer content a more gradual curve.

    This expansion had a literal stat wall, where if you were not wearing the crafted gear (Twark?) you could spend over 20 minutes killing an overland single up mob.

    The concept for most games in this genre is to have a new mechanic or stat introduced that is important/critical for later expansion content i.e. end of line solo/heroic/raiding, but helpful prior to that point, with incremental increases in that stat over expansions. Fervor was probably going to be such a stat, but instead of being introduced as rare proc one expansion > slightly itemized next expansion > on all gear third expansion it was slammed into all gear one expansion post proc set. The conclusion for this lack of ramping up is either 1. the devs want to introduce a new mechanic every expansion or 2. the devs have no idea how to ramp up stats.

    Looking at the severe inflation of all the stats between prior expansions and KA, it seems like the second may be true.

    I get it. From a developer's point of view, you WANT the players to use your new toys, you want players to have fun and start desiring the gear.

    Mostly, the problem is the subtle difference between leading a horse to water, and attaching cinder blocks to said horse's hooves.

    Edited - From to For. 'cause brain and fingers are missing a link.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
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