What other game is similar to EQ2 in look and feel?

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by CoLDMeTaL, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Member

    If you ditched this addiction, what other game would you choose to fill the game time?

    Asking for a friend, no really me. Just to get some ideas if anyone has found anything else. I tried WoW and can't take it, or Rift.

    Doesn't have to be a PC game could be a console.

    All I've played for 12 years is EQ2.
  2. Charlice

    Charlice Member

    I played 'The Secret World' for a while. It's just been re-released as 'Secret World Legends'. It's great if you like puzzles, and if you don't, there's google. If your friend loves stuff like 'the walking dead', or urban legends this is the game. It's free to play now but I don't really know what that means for that game.

    I only stopped playing because the re-released game uses reticule targeting, plus you needed to start from scratch again.

    Ark Survival Evolved is awesome, if you love dinosaurs and survival games this game is king. (through Steam)
  3. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Member

    Final Fantasy XIV?
  4. Charlice

    Charlice Member

    My daughter really enjoyed Final Fantasy for a while, she also liked Black Desert. Mind you she changes games regularly.
    She raided in EQ2 for around 9 years and quit at ToT, the stat inflation drove her away.
    She's currently playing League of Legends.

    I just don't think there is another game like EQ2, I think that's why people are getting so emotional about the odd changes/decisions they're making.
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  5. Dizzy

    Dizzy Member

    I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) on and off for a while but it is not EQ2 like. I was a great fan of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim so I just enjoy the world in ESO but it is more of a single player game with optional grouping.

    If you lift the EQ2 like restriction there are a huge number of MMO's that you could try:

    World of Warcraft (Wow) and all its clones (rift, wildstar etc), Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), Guild Wars 2 (GW2), Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), Finally Fantasy XIV, Eve-Online, Black Desert Online (BDO) to name just a few of the bigger titles.

    It really depends on what you want from an MMO, things like setting, PvP or PVE, high population, crafting, social game, fun maybe :)
  6. Conifur

    Conifur Member

    I have tried them all on and off and none compare IMHO. I am done with EQ2 and when my sub ends in Oct, though I doubt I will even log in much since their ethereal event is such a joke. I play World of Tanks on and off but I guess after Oct I just won't play many games. I have been playing since 1999.
  7. Dizzy

    Dizzy Member

    I gave up on EQ2 with the introduction of Proving Ground but I may come back for the next expansion or may not.

    Have you had a look/tried Project Gorgon as it sort of reminds me of EQ but is a strange hybrid of an MMO. Crowd funded so not the polish of the other games I mentioned and still under development.
  8. Nommi

    Nommi New Member

    There is nothing out currently there .. that why those of us who love this game are still here. But I assure you....as soon as one comes out that can compare....EQ2 will be history. If DBG is not willing to put a little effort/money into marketing/improving this game all will be lost IF another game comes out remotely like this one. Right now many are following/watching for Pantheon...if it flops like Vanguard then DBG has nothing to worry about...but if it is successful it might be the straw that breaks the camels back.
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  9. Tarb

    Tarb New Member

    You mean like Pantheon?
    Its a ways off but thats what im waiting for.
  10. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    In terms of looks, most games have long since surpassed the crap engine EQ2 runs on. You are not going to find something that has **** graphics for most of the newer games.

    In terms of feels, are you talking about combat types? or questing? what qualifies as Feel for you? I am pretty sure I recall that you grouped a lot, and did some raiding but not sure of your housing needs/crafting/social.

    Here is a few links that might help

    Shroud of the Avatar
    Richard Garriott's baby. This one has been in dev for a LONG time. Groups are good in this, as are housing, but raiding is locked right now.

    Project Gorgon
    Free MMO by a husband/wife team that worked on AC1/2. Heard good things, downloaded yesterday but haven't tried yet.

    Guild Wars 2
    Just had a really amazeballs looking update. Was trying to get on yesterday, and I was queued for hours. They were spinning more servers for it. Lots of people playing, but some of the content is locked behind PvP, which may not be your cup of tea.

    World of Warcraft
    Right? I know you mentioned that you did not enjoy, but Legion is really very good, with sane leveling and very fast groups.

    Final Fantasy XIV
    The good of this game is actual quest lines, and interesting world events. LOTS of players (think it hit 10 million), tons of outfits, etc. IMHO I was not a fan of the art style, but I still go back every so often because the quests are worth ignoring the looks.

    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Do you like Skyrim? Did you like Morrowind? Answer yes to either of these questions, and you will probably enjoy ESO. Only caveat is that you have to level some of the stuff in PvP zones (you don't have to fight other players but you do have to fight IN the zones).

    Hope this helped.
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  11. Tekka

    Tekka Active Member

    If you like pvp and wvw, take a look at Camelot Unchained, while it's still in development, I believe the goal is official beta before the end of the year and their team appears to be on top of things.
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