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Well, whaddya know...

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by Anaogi, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

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  2. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    The zone art looks neat, lame name though. Blood of Luclin.
  3. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    So basically, more price gouging (in addition to what is baked in, they have admitted this "friends and family" bundle will have a high price point).

    Also, further dividing an already dismally low player base with another new specialty server (another quick cash grab scheme from which the new server will ultimately end up with barely a pulse).

    I am sure the whales will eat it up.
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  4. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    It doesn't even seem like it's a specialty server, it's just a new live server that requires a sub? Last time I played Skyfire was a ghost town, I can't imagine it's much better now. I don't know where they think the people are coming from to play on this new server.
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  5. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    I could be wrong, but I think it is a special event server like "The race to trakanon", if you remember that one. It was a live server with a special rule set, but once the goals were reached it was shut down.

    P.S. Even if it is a new permanent live server, the games current population isn't large enough to sustain further fracturing of the player base imo. People will migrate to the new and shiny server for a while like they do with the TLE's, and of course that will affect the other live servers, not to mention poor Kaladim. Of course, its all about the quick cash grab, never mind quality or longevity.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
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  6. Clementine

    Clementine Active Member

    Them calling it a "live" server leads me to believe that it's permanent but I dunno. Either way the only way I'd see a new permanent server being successful is it they disallowed transfers (so the economy was fresh) and removed all the pay to win stuff. Honestly if they did that I might even give it a try.
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  7. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    I don't plan on coming back, but if I do, I still have kronos that I bought from others or were given (shout out to all who helped me!). Not sure how many I have but I think its a dozen or so. But I still wont buy the expansion. Im so far behind that ill never catch up, especially since I play for fun! If its a job, I wont do it! Work is a four letter word, after all *grins*
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  8. Cindrax

    Cindrax Active Member

    "New for EverQuest II and part of this expansion is the Overseer feature. With it you can recruit and send agents to do your bidding and earn rewards!"

    Let me guess how this will work... one can wait and upgrade the feature or swipe the card for instant upgrade.

    Estimated guess on how it will be based on how the past 4-5 expansions features was designed.
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  9. Errrorr

    Errrorr Active Member

    My bet is the following on overseers;

    • Everyone gets a basic 'apprentice'
    • It can be levelled up in game with daily tasks. To get to max will require 3 years worth of dailies.
    • You can skip levels for just 1000DBC per level.
    • Your rewards will be on an 18 hour timer to ensure you log in each day.
    • High level overseers will give substantial rewards to incentivise people to spend $$$.

    But maybe I'm just being pessimistic...
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  10. LuranEQ2

    LuranEQ2 Member

    You forgot a few:
    • The substantial rewards will be useless in 6-12 months, another reason you might have to swipe the card.
    • The feature won’t be touched or updated after this expansion because they’ll have some new, bolt-on Razzle-Dazzle by then.
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  11. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    Re: new server...

    Maybe....The brain trust believes that the "catch-up to others" mountain is what's holding back old customers from coming back.

    So, start a new server with a level boost available (maybe lock down transfers to this sever). Everyone starts off on a level playing field. It's Luclin, so omg, we're finally going to the moon - let's all buy a family pack of premium editions for $900.00!!
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  12. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider New Member

    A little bit interesting that we might be able to offload the dollar cost of the expansion to another person for a few Kronos or millions of plat. Now will we be able to trade for the expansion before the beta ends ... not holding my breath.

    It seems to me EQ2 has been testing how little effort they have to put in the game to keep it going. No effort on the new server. Why do you even need it when you get a free 110 with the expansion? The lackluster ethereal event. EQ pack still $20. Kael wasnt supposed to be released this expansion. I guess that was their knee jerk response that zero effort was not working.
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  13. Tkia

    Tkia Active Member

    I'd love to go back to Luclin. However, I can't stomach the thought of wading through the last 2 expansions to get there given the linear way they have things set up these days. :(
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  14. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider New Member

    CD is not linear before CD for your first char because you get one 110 adventure boost
  15. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    True, but there are still all those bullshit leveling systems that need to be realized (which of course, DBG is happy to accommodate through the cash shop).
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  16. Dizzy

    Dizzy Active Member

    and there will be an intermittent bug for some people with the apprentices which they will never be able to resolve :)
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  17. LuranEQ2

    LuranEQ2 Member

    I forgot, the special ultimate item will have its own time sink level up mechanism that either takes 20 years or a certain amount of DBC to cap out. Because that new server no one asked for isn’t going to pay for itself.
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  18. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    Sure it can. Make the experience required to level 5x of normal, disable any veteran exp bonus potions and only have them available from the DBC store at triple the cost... but no DBC stored up so you have to purchase them!

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  19. Fendhar

    Fendhar Member

    Of course Daybreak would NEVER do that ... *cough*
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  20. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    Just wanted to fess up to having posted with skepticism regarding going to Luclin just six days previous to this news.

    Yeah, I don't do well at this whole prognostication thing.
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