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EQ2 Forum Update Notes: Thursday January 5, 2016

Discussion in 'The News Feed!' started by Daybreak Post Tracker -, Jan 4, 2017.

    • Added Resolve as a searchable stat on the broker.
    • Fixed a bug where switching your warder in the warder UI would not update the abilities displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where tool-tip information would not display correctly on some Deity abilities above rank 12.
      • Adds for Captain Vhankmin and Tabor'Zaai should now despawn when the encounter is defeated.
    • Arcanna'se Spire: Order and Chaos [Raid]
      • Once Shanaira the Prestigious has been triggered, the phoenix statue can no longer be interacted with.
      • All achievements related to Shanaira the Prestigious have been reset.
      • Corrected an issue with the damage formula for Ethershadow Assassin that allowed it to hit for ludicrous amounts of damage.
      • Corrected the description of Awakened Enlightenment to display the correct Thaumaturgist enhancement to Withering. This is a display change only.
      • Removed the ability for some damage reflect abilities from to critically apply, including Bulwark of Rime, Faith, Illusory Barrier, and Divine Light.
      • Increased the AoE arc of Fusion to 120 degrees.
      • Increased the max number of targets of Fusion to 8.
      • Characters may now only benefit from in combat global reuse clearing effects once every 120 seconds.
      • Slightly reduced Swarm pet damage.
    • ITEMS
      • Word of The Kly will now display its activated effect.
      • Collectible item "Fraudulent Gem Pouch" is now spelled correctly.
      • Collectible item "Workman's Metallic Crumb" is now spelled correctly.
      • Polished Turtle Shell Buckler is now spelled correctly.
      • Nightmarish Goo-covered Axe is now spelled correctly.
      • Diamond Rod and Shard of Hate now have white adornment slots.
    • QUESTS
      • Ritual of Bone - The conversion between Osh and Nika will no longer end abruptly.
      • A Fated Confrontation will now update when returning to Lachlyn Cauldthorn.
      • Strashka <Solo and Advanced Solo Missions> in Obulus Frontier will now grant the mission, "Long Live the Emperor!" if you choose the "gimme all the quests!" dialogue option, but only if you qualify for that quest.
      • Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road - Those who are already fighting corruption manifestations can no longer spawn additional manifestations by cleansing the jeweler's items again.
      • Curse of the Magic Thief - The Blackscale rune cube can now be found in a secondary location.
      • The Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land no longer has an 18 hour timer.
      • Curse of the Magic Thief - Sigil of Krakatus now also drops in an instance.
      • Dracurion stoneweavers and infiltrators will now adjust their health to compensate for the number of participants engaging The Iksar Hero.
      • Reduced the damage from several scripted abilities in public quests, public quest encounter hit points have been adjusted to compensate.
    • WARDROBE Weapons placed in your Wardrobe that have Reforge Decorations or Experimented Effects on them will now keep their particle effect. MERCENARY GEAR Fixed an issue where entering / exiting the Battleground server would cause mercenary gear to vanish.

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