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Unintended or unannounced change in eq2 character collection?

Discussion in 'Census: Developer Announcements' started by Quicktiger, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Quicktiger

    Quicktiger Guest

    I noticed a change where the type.class used to be fully lower case, but today it appears with a capital letter.  Was this intentional?  Also, was it announced anywhere?

    I only ask because my leaderboards broke.  :)  I now downcase it explicitly (which is good practice anyway.)

  2. Lantis

    Lantis Guest

    That problem appeared for me in mid-February, forcing me to make an early release of RosterMaster 5.2.0.  I also ended up using strtolower().  I didn't report it then because I wasn't sure if the problem was on my end.

  3. DanKinney

    DanKinney Guest

    Crap...that's my bad.  I was cleaning up data and I certainly should have announced that.

    The servers send the data as sentence case.  There was a ton of lower-case versions out there from early days.

    Sorry Quicktiger!



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