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The DCUO community *needs* these two data-points from SOE Census

Discussion in 'Census: DCUO' started by Bytecode, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Bytecode

    Bytecode Guest

    Hello Census team,

    I'm the developer of http://wavedox.com, before known as DCUO Social Graph (http://dcuo.herokuapp.com). I'm sure I can say this on behalf of the DCUO community, as I've heard these two feature requests from a lot of people who's enjoying the apps built on top of Census.

    1- Base Stats

    I put this first as I believe it's simpler to implement. My app has a feature called Leaderboards (http://wavedox.com/leaderboards) that's pretty much the same as Sore's app Alphas (http://dcuolive.com/Alpha). It's pretty obvious: it ranks the top players by each of the available stats.

    The problem is that Census currently exposes only current/max stats for health/power, and only current stats for all the other stats (precision, vitalization, etc). Players who drinks consumables, or uses trinkets, or power buffs, etc. can have their stats increased considerably, which leads to confusing Leaderboards.

    Those features (Leaderboards / Alphas) are highly used by thousands of players every day, at least I can tell for sure from my app's Google Analytics reports. Everyone loves and hates them (great idea, but confusing ranking), so everyone is looking forward to having more accurate Leaderboards. They keep asking me to rank Leaderboards based on Base Stats, instead of current/max. We just need Census to provide base stats for that. I'd be happy to provide a full list of attributes (stats) if you don't know which ones need to be exposed as base stats.

    2- Progress on Active Feats

    This one is probably more expensive to implement, however it's as equally important for the community. Census currently exposes which feats each character has made any progress with, via the endpoint characters_active_feat. That's because some feats require a number of steps to be completed.

    However, it only exposes the basic data from that endpoint: which feat is that, and which character is that. The key data the community is eager to have available is: which parts of the feat have been already completed, and which parts have not been completed yet.

    That will allow apps' features like wavedox's Suggested Feats (e.g. for Mepps on USPS: http://wavedox.com/worlds/usps/characters/mepps/suggested-feats) to show much better insights for players. Suggested Feats is one of the most loved features by many players. It gives them something the game doesn't give them, thanks to Census data. It helps them plan on which feats they should do next, based on overall statistics. E.g. how many people (%) have completed this feat, so some would say "oh nearly everybody have done this feat, so that's probably the next one I should do too".

    Here's an example of how this would help the community:

    There are style feats in DCUO. To complete them, you need all the style pieces for that style set. Say you got 8 out of the 9 styles from the Snake set, but only 1 out of the 9 from the Hive set.

    Currently we don't know these details. We only know you're active on both feats. Idea is to leverage the data to make recommendations: hey, you're only one style piece away from the Snake set, go for it.

    Same would apply for Base feats, they require a set of Base items to complete. Same for some other feats that require a number of steps to complete (e.g. defeat these different combinations of bosses).

    Although this second one was more complicated to explain, depending on your internal data model, it may not be that complex to implement. Might be as simple as one more join. Hopefully :)

    Well, that's it.

    Please let us know what do you guys think of these 2 feature requests. I've been hearing a lot about them for a long time and I've been waiting to put this together for the Census team, so I'd bring the key feature requests first. There are other suggestions I can bring later, but these are the top ones for sure.

    Thank you!! ^^
  2. Feldon

    Feldon Guest

    I support being able to see a character's progress on Feats, their completed feats, as well as make suggestions on feats they might want to do. We are able to do roughly the same thing on EQ2 due to the recently added Quest data.

    We have two collections. "Quest" and "Character_Misc".

    The Character_misc collection tells us which quests the character has completed, as well as in-progress quests with exactly what steps (Stages and branches) the character is on, and the progress (count) on each step.

    The Quest collection is an exhaustively detailed writeup of each quest with all the steps.
    <div align="right">

    It is then left to the fansite to mux these two data sources together to show which quests a character has started, finished, or is currently progressing through. On EQ2U, we show the active quest journal exactly the way it looks in-game, down to the number of rats the character has killed on a specific quest step.
  3. Bytecode

    Bytecode Guest

    Can someone from the Census team take a look here, please?

    It's impressive how people love leaderboards. I keep getting "when will you show real stats?" By real they mean base stats (not including sodas, trinkets, buffs etc).

    Likewise, people keep saying "this app is awesome, everything is up to date (thank to Census). It only needs to show progress on feats. e.g. Which feats parts have been completed and which parts are missing?"

    These two are still the most awaited feature requests I keep hearing from players. Like Feldon said EQ2 already supports #2. Any chances of doing the same for DCUO?

  4. TKMcClone

    TKMcClone Guest

    I would like to see the return of toon creation dates and time played as well.

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