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EQ2 Forum Test Update Notes: Friday May 7, 2021

Discussion in 'The News Feed!' started by Daybreak Post Tracker -, May 7, 2021.

  1. ITEMS
    • Added the missing Celestial tag on the infusable items Mortal Tethers Cloak, Garnet Balanzite Crossbow, Garnet Balanzite Bow, Garnet Balanzite Wand
    • Thal Arcanum armor pieces have had their spelling corrected.
    • QUESTS
      • Guide Quest: Guide's Guide to Reign of Shadows - Quest is now listed under the appropriate category in your journal.
      • Watery Grave - Tyranodon is now spelled correctly in the quest journal.
      • No-Holds-Barred - Tyranodon is now spelled correctly in the quest journal.
      • Scaley Wolfies - Quest journal grammar has been improved.
      • Barmaid Violet and Coppershot, the bartender in Graystone Yard, now know the price for a flask of murky water and dried bread.
      • Are your depots trying to sprout from all the slow creeping roots? Put that overabundance to good use! A new merchant, Gerta Chexroon, has appeared south of Recuso Tor in the Blinding. She is trying coax more things to grow on Luclin's surface and is searching for more slow creeping roots to use as mulch. You may purchase Artisan's Amalgamations from her for a cost of 200 slow creeping roots apiece.
      • Heroic Reign of Shadows encounters will no longer cast interrupts that bypass interrupt immunities.
      • Entering saved instances of Savage Weald: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge], Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Heroic II">, and Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge] should now either load NPCs tied to boss incrementing buffs or otherwise adjust the increments appropriately.
    • Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]
      • Bosses have slightly reduced health.
      • Certain adds during the encounter with The Bagagoogaz should properly respawn.
      • All launch thingies should properly despawn during the encounter with The Bagagoogaz.
    • Aurelian Coast: Maiden's Eye
      • Shadowed Abomination now speaks in a tongue more appropriate for it.
    • Kylong Plains
      • Trader Descamus in Teren's Grasp should no longer fall into the platform below him.

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