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Tell me about Ascension like I'm 5 years old.

Discussion in 'Ascension' started by Caela, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Caela

    Caela New Member

    I'm really clueless about all this ascension stuff. I finished the KA signature line on one toon, but don't really play her. So now I'm going through another toon. I went ahead and decided on a class, and got a scroll or three, but I keep forgetting to pick up a new one. But I'm not sure how important that is.

    Here is a picture of my ascension XP bar (DarqUI). I don't know what all the progress and remaining stuff really means.

    I'm gathering that whenever I kill a mob, etc I get ascension xp and I'll gain levels. Will I get new spells at each level? Or just the one I got when I became the class - which I believe on this toon turns all my spells to cold? And why would I want to turn all my spells to cold? Maybe I picked the wrong class (I'm a conjuror)???

    Do I need to consume a scroll every day? Or just when something runs out? When that 7M number runs out? I don't play every day. Sometimes I play another toon. Sometimes I just craft. Sometimes I don't even log on. And it's mostly solo stuff, or I'll duo an advanced solo dungeon. I love to group, but not much grouping going on right now.

    I'm so confused!
  2. Fireborn

    Fireborn New Member

    The ascension is a new way to improve your character.

    -At each level there is a spell that you will obtain, at lvl 10 you will get two spells. However, the lvl 5 is a replacement and I believe the one of the lvl 10 is as well. But be prepared to fill a hot bar.

    -You can always swap to another ascension by talking to the other masters. They will turn your spells into crushing, disease, or magic damage. I don't think that there is a right or wrong choice, it comes down to your preferences, but it is beneficial to have all four ascension classes in a raid. I want to say that there are certain raid mobs that will a weakness to _____ type of damage (but I'm not sure about that).

    -You do not need to consume or collect the scrolls every day. The scrolls will increase the xp that you will be able to earn. Since you do other thing in EQ2 besides grinding, I would recommend stick to collecting the scrolls but not use them. You will be gaining 20k limit every hour (doesn't matter if you play or not) but the limit caps at 7M. If you hit that limit, you should go on a killing spree. When the limit reads 0, you won't be able to gain any xp but you can activate a scroll to gain more. I think you can activate more than one scroll at a time but I been saving my scrolls. When you hit the lvl max (3m/3m) you will need to return to your ascension master to lvl up. This limit is how much xp you are able to gain.

    I think that I answered/talked about everything that you had questions on. If you need clarification on anything let me know and I will do my best to explain it better. This link will also help with some explaining. Kunark Ascending - Ascension Class Preview
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  3. Uyaem

    Uyaem Member

    Think about the scrolls as a variation of adventure vitality, except that without this vitality, you do not gain any experience.
    There are two additive ways to earn this vitality:
    1. Using scrolls. Each scroll will give you the ability to gain 500,000 (600k if your account is subbed) ascension XP, up to a maximum of 7 million, then you need to start consuming this vitality. You consume this vitality (=gain the actial ascension XP) by doing quests, combat, ... anythig that earns you regular XP.
    2. Waiting. The second way to gain the ability to earn ascension XP is waiting. Every real life hour that passes equals 20,000 ascension XP. This is subject to the same 7 million cap. The toon does not need to be logged on for that. However, I believe the toon needs to be logged in once to start gaining the time based XP, if you already chose a trainer before this time based component was introduced in mid-December!
    Other noteworthy points:
    • You can pick up one scroll from your trainer every 22 hours, and you should do so whenever possible.
    • Only consume scrolls when you are not near the 7 million vitality cap, and when you actually have time to consume some of this vitality.
    • It may seem a hassle juggling time between characters just to consume some vitality, but it is easily done.
    • If your character is powerful enough to blitz through old heroic content like Highhold or any level 100+ heroic content, you will find that it is easy to earn 1 million ascension in under 10 minutes.
    • If you are more of a solo player, the daily quests give a good amount. Even Thalumbra daily quests will reward more than 200,000 per quest if you have many max level toons (bonus). And Kralet (Solo) zones are a matter of minutes, and so is Stygian (Solo)
    • In order to gain the next ascension level, you will need to talk to your trainer when you reach the max. XP of the level.
    • When gaining an ascension level, the XP bar carries th previous XP over. E.g. level 2 requires 3M XP, and level 3 requires 9M. The your bar will be 33% in when you gain level 2, since you've already gained 3M out of the 9M total required. Which is weird and unlike all other XP bars.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
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  4. Regolas

    Regolas New Member

    Can someone explain which Ascension Class is best for which archtype?

    Fighters better to pick a certain class? Scouts? Priests? Mages?
  5. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    AFAIK you can pick all of them. Eventually.
  6. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed New Member

    heh. Nobody is responding because nobody knows. They are all fairly similar.
  7. Regolas

    Regolas New Member

    Well just looking at the abilities I've picked Etherealist for every class due to the fervor siphon.

    All the rest seem mediocre.

    Obviously I understand some fights react better to certain resistances but as a general rule, it looks to me that Etherealist ups dps the most.

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