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State of the EQ2 Data -- Updated 2019

Discussion in 'Census: EverQuest II' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Let's try to have an updated thread with the state of all EQ2 data currently available in Census, including known bugs and oversights. Items marked in red are bugged or on our wishlist.

    Constants (link)
    • Adventure Class List -- provides complete map of archetypes, classes, and subclasses by ID with Alternate Advancement Tree numbers for each.
    • Alignments
    • Equipment Slot List -- internal and human-readable names (and slot ids in two different numbering schemes) for equipment slots.
    • General Spell Property List -- Human-readable names for nearly 100 spell effects.
    • Language List -- Master language list with IDs.
    • Petkey List -- Beastlord pet types with pet IDs and Beastlord AA IDs.
    • Race List -- Master list of races with IDs.
    • Reforging Constants List -- Conversion ratios for stats which are either the source or destination of Reforging.
    • Skill List -- Distinct list of required skills. Most are not visible in-game, however some are crucial to properly displaying weapon wield type and handedness:
      • Adorning, Axe, Bow, Buckler, Crushing, Dagger, Fists, Focus, Greataxe, Greathammer, Greatspear, Greatsword, Hammer, Kiteshield, Mace, Piercing, Ranged, Rapier, Roundshield, Slashing, Staff, Sword, Thrownweapon, Tinkering, Towershield,
    • Tradeskill Class -- Breakdown of tradeskill classes and subclasses.
    • Tradeskill Property List -- Decoder for Tradeskill skills.

    Character data is incredibly mature. It includes Alternate Advancements (current and saved profiles), Prestige Points, Equipment Slot Items with Reforging, Refining, Infusing, Experimentation, and Adornments all reflected. Ascension Class List & XP, Resists, Quest and Collection counts, Achievements, Primary and secondary Tradeskills, Mounts, Combat Stats, PvP and PvE Stats, Race, Gender, House List, Skills, Factions, and known Languages.

    Character Misc

    Active Quest Journal, Completed Quests, Collection Progress, and Known Recipes are stored in a separate collection to keep each /character/ export from growing any bigger.

    Hired mercenaries, including their Stats, Equipment Slots, Name, and Class are now available.
    Headshot & Paperdoll

    Paperdoll images (updated on camp/zone) and Headshot images (updated every hour) are available in Census for all exported characters.​

    Item data is the most mature collection in EQ2 Census.​

    Adventure & Apperance Sets

    Swappable Gear Sets are fully supported in Census.​


    Spell data is largely complete, although some values such as Range, Accuracy, and Target are still missing.

    Spell data includes Character Spells, AAs, and Ascension spells. It does not include Class Focus or Racial Traits.

    Character Spell data is exported off a level 100 character with almost no equipment, stats, or buffs.

    AA spell data seems to be exported off a level 0 character, so the numbers are next to useless.​


    Faction data is complete and contains Faction ID, Name, Category, and Min/Max amounts.​

    Alternate Advancements

    Alternate Advancement data is complete, including Prestige abilities.

    WISH: The spell data should be the base data, not slightly altered from the export process. This makes any calculations off.

    BUG: The AA spell data typically gives a range of 1-1 instead of the expected minumum to maximum amounts.​

    Marketplace Items

    Marketplace data is complete.​


    Quest data is complete.​

    BUG: Quest data is missing complex item rewards, conditional item rewards (predicates on itemtables), mysterycrates, etc.
    BUG: Quest data is missing minimum level, quest starter, and starting zone information.​


    Collection data is complete.​


    Recipe data is complete.

    WISH: Recipes should include Byproducts, and the Progress required to complete the craft.

    NOTE: Recipe components are given as an Item Name. Recipes accept ingredients based on classifications rather than a specific item, which is how several different kinds of water, plus canine saliva, can all be used for a recipe requiring "liquid".​
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  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member


    Loot Tables (Zones, Spawncamps, NPCs, Treasureclasses, and Item Tables)

    All the backend work for this has been done on Daybreak's end and on EQ2U's end. We spent 2 months back and forth with Nandy getting this all exporting smoothly. Then everything stopped. So far only 58 zones worth of this data have been published. These are the 5 data types needed to officially support Loot Tables, specifically knowing which NPCs in which zones drop which items and with what frequency/weighting. [Read More...]

    Deity Buffs and Spells

    NOTE: Known to be in development.​

    NPC Kill List?

    WISH: A list of every starred Named (NPC) which the player has killed.​

    Server Variables?

    WISH: In-game Calendar data.
    WISH: Hot Zones, Fabled Zones, Daily Double Zones, Timers​
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  3. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    A word about Update Frequency...

    The following EQ2 Census collections are exported every time a Character camps/zones:
    • Character
    • Adventure_Sets
    • Appearance_Sets
    • Attachments -- Paperdoll
    • Character_Misc
    • Mercenary
    • Guild
    The following EQ2 Census collections are updated when the Maj'Dul character server reboots:
    • Achievement
    • Alternateadvancement
    • Alternateadvancementtree
    • Collection
    • Constants
    • Faction
    • Item
    • Item Icons (dds2png ?)
    • Quest
    • Questgiver
    • Recipe
    • Spell
    • World
    The following EQ2 Census collections are updated immediately as the data is directly manipulated on the Marketplace server:
    • Marketplace_items
  4. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    2019 Update:

    • During development of the Kunark Ascending expansion, Epic Weapon 2 quest data started leaking into Census. Devs freaked out and blocked all Quest updates to Census. They did eventually, after many many months past the expansion's release, allow quest data to come through, but they have not allowed any of the subsequent expansion's data to be published to Census.
    • At this point, EQ2U uses a scraping process with some manual data entry and verification against Wikia to add quests to our site.
    • Mercenary data excludes Level and some other stats which limit its usefulness. Also mercenary IDs exceed the size of a 64-bit integer and so cannot be searched through Census. We are able to return all mercenaries owned by a character.
    • In order to add them to EQ2U, we would ideally need to have someone screenshot each one in-game and then provide us with the images.
    • We are able to get a list of familiars and the current familiar, but no equipment/upgrades/level information.
    • We are able to get a list of mounts, current mount, and appearance mount, but no equipment/upgrades/level information.
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  5. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    Some AAs got changed to Fervor from Crit Bonus over a year ago, such as bards "Dexterous Sonata" which still shows CB on eq2u. Other AAs have wrong values or changed the stat they increase in game. Is this something DBG have to fix or is it something you have to manually push Feldon?
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  6. Feldon

    Feldon Administrator Staff Member

    Something I need to reload. Something I've never done before either. :(
  7. Rosyposy

    Rosyposy Active Member

    @Feldon - I can help with merc screenshots.

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