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Scout Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member


    Epic Weapon 2.0 quests are now active in EQ2 and it is up to us players to figure out where they start, all the intervening steps, the main quests which are Archetypical (Scout), and the subquests which are class-specific and tie into the Epic 1.0 quests and lore. This is the place to discuss, research, and speculate about past and present lore and clues to the location of these quests!
  2. Pitta

    Pitta New Member

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
  3. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    So, far I have check nek castle 1 and 3, nothing at the altar in 1 and nothing in 3 as far as I could tell. Took a journey up the river in nek forest to the vampire area, denotta, soh, denotta... Going to roam around EL and river vale.
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  4. Raffy

    Raffy New Member

    Hi fellow scouts! I have a few ideas and will post them in the next couple of days as I get all my thoughts together. Looking forward to seeing what you all have come up with so far!
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  5. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    The mages have a post in their forums that is like this...

    List of zones exhaustively checked for the Mage starter

    Exhaustive means:
    • Hailed all NPCs
    • Checked every merchant
    • Covered every square inch of the zone
    • Hovered over every object and clicked on any objects that were interactive
    • Killed every type of mob and named and checked their loot
    List follows:

    Then they break it down by xpac and zone, with names for the people who checked. Seems like a good system.
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  6. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    Addition from a suggestion elsewhere, check the zones chrono'd down to appropriate level, suck as 25 or so for Nek Forest, etc.
  7. Overwhelm

    Overwhelm New Member

    This might sound funny, But the gods roehn theer slayed match the 4 arch types also the name of those 4 gods the runes in roehn theers room match the names of the new purple adorns. Also they are tied into the Chaos stone as well.
  8. ZUES

    ZUES New Member

    Hidden door found. Location is at the Temple of the Red Lord in JW. Swim down the lava under the pavilion at the top of the steps. Unclickable for scout w/ Thaum. door.jpg
  9. Overwhelm

    Overwhelm New Member

    Its unclickable for everyone
  10. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    zebuxoruk. He is one of the guys on the top floor of the mara island tower, if you have completed the quest line access, and killed chel drak he admits who he is, someone who has a toon that has done this, and is ascension 5 ought to get up there and see what he has to say. He is pivotal for the lore involved with everything going on right now. Would be interesting to see what he has to say!
  11. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

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  12. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    Since the MOTD changed it was telling us that if we had our emotes and game text turned off that would be a mistake of "epic" proportions. I am wondering if its an item at all, but maybe just some "text" you get if you happen to run across the starter...
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
  13. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Active Member

    No info to add but what notifications
  14. Nodemu

    Nodemu New Member

    There is a door in North Freeport, in the Amphitheater of Kelkarn at loc : -22.94 -23.05 103.69
    This door is only clickable by scouts. It says Lyricist's Lounge and when you click on it it says you hear singing from within. Nothing else happens at this time.
  15. Nodemu

    Nodemu New Member

    You say, "Hail, Sensei Kozon"
    Sensei Kozon:"Greetings, Nodemu. Your skill and dedication have been proven to the members of my order. I congratulate you on your accomplishments."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "Thank you, sensei. How may I be of service?"
    Sensei Kozon:"I ask nothing more of you. There is no task I need fulfilled, no request I would make. Nor do I have any riches to offer. I will, however, answer any questions you may have."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "So Zhen Mei was really Zebuxoruk!"
    Sensei Kozon:"I assure you, Nodemu, this revelation was as surprising to all of us as it is to you! To think that I served in the presence of a god all these years... I am astonished and humbled."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "What does it all mean?"
    Sensei Kozon:"I listened to Zhen--er, Zebuxoruk's words as well. There is much that remains to be discovered, but I feel certain that the knowledge he kept hidden on this island for so long is the key to bringing back the influence of the gods to Norrath."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "Where did the gods go?"
    Sensei Kozon:"The gods withdrew to a place beyond our reasoning, somewhere mortals have never walked. They sought to free themselves of our presence in a place where they could restore their powers. It seems, perhaps, that they were successful."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "Are they returning to their planes? Have they opened the passages to them once again?"
    Sensei Kozon:"I would not presume to speak for the gods, but I find it unlikely that they will allow mortals to walk in their realms again. Many of the planes have been weakened, and some of the lesser ones have faded altogether. This is due, at least in part, to the damage caused by adventurers who invaded them."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "Does that mean the gods will walk upon Norrath?"
    Sensei Kozon:"I don't know what the future holds. As it was in the past, perhaps the gods will call forth servants to do their bidding. But for that to happen, the knowledge that was held by Zebuxoruk will need to be put into action. The followers of the gods must reestablish the worship of their patrons."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "How will that be accomplished?"
    Sensei Kozon:"That is not my place to say. Keep watch for prophets and heralds who will signal their coming. But I am certain the days ahead will be eventful ones."
    Sensei Kozon:"At last we know why our order came to these shores. Our founder Zan Fi was drawn here long ago to stand guard over the knowledge that Zebuxoruk hid away, even from himself. All the events that transpired since have been a part of his plan."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "What will you do now?"
    Sensei Kozon:"The Whistling Fists Clan will continue its duties to protect Mara and lend aid to all of Norrath. We are proud of the part we have played in all of this, as you should be. May your travels keep you well, Nodemu."
    You say to Sensei Kozon, "Be well, Sensei Kozon."
  16. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    troub update , old
  17. Xyno

    Xyno New Member


    Yesterday I rushed through Agnostic GUK and the instance was somehow weird. There were even shinies! Furthermore I looted a mythical key which I couldn't found after looting in the inventory. I didn't find anything to use it.

    Maybe somebody else could go through the Agnostic version of GUK to check if you find also a mythical key. My toon is an assassin (Asc: thaumartugist level 5)
  18. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    I just ran it on my brigand, right before dt. I did not get this, although I was rushed because so close to dt. Ill retrace my steps and then try again.

    I'm guessing that you have the golden unseen belt ?
  19. Drelf

    Drelf New Member

    That key has been in the game for a while. First found back in 2014 I believe.
  20. Trifonic

    Trifonic New Member

    You know... there were some trash items with mythical/fable tags at some point... I don't remember the key though

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