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Heroic Reaver's Challenge issues

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Tsurupettan, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Tsurupettan

    Tsurupettan New Member

    I regularly farm the first 2 in Reaver's Challenge for 14 resolve gear with my guild. It seems about half of the time we have literally no issue, and the other half it's a wipefest. We're wracking our brains trying to figure out if we are personally doing something wrong. I've been comparing failed logs and successful logs, as well as comparing them with other player's logs.

    We know the fights. We've killed them plenty. But sometimes we just get straight up screwed over.

    A normal heal parse on Spectral Beguiler is around the 8-10m mark. A normal heal parse on the slime is around 5-6m. These are both normally solo healable fights. But for us, we've had encounters where we've got two healers doing 26-30m hps and we're still dying. Straight up one-shot through wards.

    Here's a shot of Spectral Beguiler where we managed to hold out for about a minute. He one-shots the entire group through wards with ticks of Mind Warp that range from 8 million to 12m, if not more. The only way we've managed to deal with this is the bonus hp from an Inq, coupled with a second healer, and it's a 25m+ heal parse.


    Here's a successful kill:


    Look how all of the highest hits are just crushing swings, not giant mindwarps. These are normal values. I've got fights tonight where we are dying in less than TEN SECONDS because he is one-shotting the group with 8m+ ticks. He doesn't even get to cast Slow Reflexes.

    I have successful parses from other groups that show the latter values.

    I can't fathom what on earth we're doing wrong, if we're taking damage like that right from the start of the fight. We aren't missing the dispel check, because we aren't even seeing it most of the time (unless we stack two healers).

    Anyone else have these experiences, or have any idea what we may be doing wrong? Because we'll take the same people in one day to the next and the experience will be completely different on the heal parse.
  2. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    The time that you had low aoe dmg, did you have a fury in your group? Never seen those two do low aoe dmg, and it's a bear to solo heal through it.
  3. Erevis

    Erevis New Member

    My question to you is what is your group setup when you do this zone?

    My group when I do this mob is my Berserker and Inquisitor, then my friends on their Beastlord, Brigand, Warlock, and a boxed troub, and 100% of the time, we have had the heal parse where groupwide we're doing 30m+ HPS, so I would love to know what it is to make it so you only need do heal for 10m hps (cuz it'd make me a less crabby person when we go and do this zone).

    The only time I've seen the heal parse that low is when I went in there with a different group of people, and the group setup was SK, fury, inq(me), troub, assassin, warlock.

    I don't have any heal parses right now but I can post some when I get home.
  4. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    Fury have 40% DR.
  5. Tsurupettan

    Tsurupettan New Member

    We never have a fury in these groups. The healers are a mixture of: Inq, Warden, Templar, Mystic, Defiler. There is no consistency other than 'we don't have a channeler or a mystic' and it is usually 2 healers.

    I did this again last night with Mystic/Templar and it was no big deal. A few Mind Warp hits in the 6m range, but most were down in the roughly 4m range.

    I just want to know what's up when the fight starts off with 8m+ ticks vs starting off with ~4m ticks.
  6. Erevis

    Erevis New Member

    Do you ever have a troubadour in the group when you are experiencing the smaller hps fights? A defiler in my guild swears it's troubadours doing it (making the mob do less).

    The healer combinations are less important. I need to know if you have a troub in your groups ever. Otherwise I have no idea and I'll just say mobs a dick and likes randomly hitting hard for no reason.
  7. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    Another troub I talked to said his group never take much dmg either, so there may be a correlation. Nerf Troub?
  8. Tsurupettan

    Tsurupettan New Member

    I asked one of our troubs and he says he has NEVER seen the issues that we've seen. Time to check my logs!

    Most recent successful kill:

    Paladin, Mystic, Templar, Coercer, Assassin, Beastlord.
  9. Eyedea

    Eyedea New Member

    Highest HPS we've ever seen on that fight was just over 8 mil between Mystic 6.9 mil / Warden1.2 mil. Never had the increased dmg, scanning back over two weeks worth of logs. Group usually consists of Guard/Mystic/Warden/Dirge/Coercer/Ranger.
  10. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    For those that have low HPS, is there a certain spot or position you stand in?
  11. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    Mana drain... Was watching correlation, it's mana drain.

    Still doesn't explain the difference between sub 10 mil hps and 20+ mil hps.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
  12. Nero

    Nero New Member

    Ive tanked several successful and failed attempts on the first named in there... pull it exactly the same way every time. So that doesnt seem to be the issue.
  13. Tsurupettan

    Tsurupettan New Member

    It isn't power drain, we tried that and ruled it out already. If we had the huge ticks of damage, we still had them even if he had zero power.
  14. Erevis

    Erevis New Member

    So I forgot to post this yesterday.

    Only time I've done this when the hps wasnt terrible (sk, troub, warlock, assassin, fury, inq) (11m hps)

    Basically every other time (zerker, troub, warlock, brig, beastlord, inq) (33m hps)
  15. Tyndylla

    Tyndylla New Member

    I tend to run a bit of an unorthodox group. With all the aggro issues tanks have had so far this expac and the ease of pulling aggro from them, we don't take a tank in my usual group of friends. I also solo heal all the zones (Channeler).


    Hiding individuals names, but I will say that on the list going down, my usual group is Beastlord, Warlock, Assassin, Illusionist, Troubador, Channeler. We will sometimes swap out the Assassin for a Dirge, depending on who's online when we decide to run zones.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
  16. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    Who's tanking? lol
  17. Tyndylla

    Tyndylla New Member

    I'll let you figure that out. :p

    I will say this though. My friends and I have been playing together for awhile. We are all top of our game and know the ins and outs of our characters. We know each other's capabilities and weaknesses. I would not suggest others try to replicate our groups makeup and success, but find what works best for y'all and expand off that. While I "could" give a step by step accounting of what we do, I think most of you given the parse I posted above and classes I listed can figure out who is tanking and how they are doing it. It's all very simple.

    FYI, there are no bot or 3rd party programs being used. No, no one needs to be nerfed. It's all player skill, class familiarity and in game abilities.
  18. Erevis

    Erevis New Member

    IMO your group setup is experiencing this troubador effect, so I'd love to figure out what it is so the beastlord I run with doesn't need to be spiritual on that fight. The troub I talked to in my guild isn't sure whats causing it to happen, and I don't know the class well enough to go digging through the abilities on my alt to figure out what might be causing it.
  19. Erevis

    Erevis New Member

    No one has any ideas? :/ Gonna make me dig through parses or something
  20. Quigly

    Quigly New Member

    I'll share my experience so far with this zone.

    I normally solo heal with my defiler.

    Group: SK/Defiler/Illy/Dirge/Brigand/Beastlord
    Residual Slime - total outgoing DPS over 6:40 - 7.9 million
    outgoing DPS from noxious spray 6.9 million

    This was no problem to solo heal but the numbers are still relevant for comparison.

    Spectral Beguiler: Total Outgoing DPS over 2:40 - 14.5 million
    Total Outgoing DPS for Mind Warp - 13.5 million

    Couldn't do it. AoE was ticking on myself for over 7 million per hit and on everyone else for 3-4 million per hit.

    We changed one thing. Swapped beastlord for a warden that only have 260 resolve (30 below the requirement)

    Residual Slime - Total outgoing DPS over 11:41 - 4.5 million
    Total DPS from Noxious Spray - 4.4 million

    Spectral Beguiler - Total outgoing DPS over 13:12 - 7.7 million
    Total outgoing DPS from mind warp - 7.2 million

    Residual Slime did 75% more damage without a warden in group.
    Spectral Beguiler did 88% more damage without a warden in group.

    In each case the warden did about 2 million HPS which I assume is covering the bleedthrough but it kinda seems like just having the warden AFK in the group would have made it possible to solo heal. I think we might go back and test it with the warden doing nothing and also with just 5 people in group simply to try and figure out what is happening to cause this.

    Also out of curiosity - are other people seeing this phenomenon at all? As the defiler I was seeing hits from the AoE 2-3x that of other group members despite having higher resolve and resists than many of the other members. The outgoing damage from Mind Warp looked like this -- the really tall bars are all hits to myself.

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    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017

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