Question regarding deity vs physical vs bonus status on items

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  1. Mysfitt

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    I understand where deity points come from, but what is the difference between physical vs bonus stats on gear?
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    What kind of infusers work.

    you can infuse with plat or infusers or probably stuff I haven't seen yet. but they each have a max possible affect on gear in 'layers'.

    as I understand it.
  3. Caam

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  4. Feldon

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    Each layer is separate. The only way to see the layers of infusing on an item is to look up your character on EQ2U. This data is not separated out in game.

    Deity -- you dropped the piece of equipment into the Deity window and clicked Infuse. It costs Plat.
    Physical -- you added an infuser that you found in a dungeon/raid zone to a piece of equipment.
    Bonus -- you bought the Terrors of Thalumbra or Altar of Malice executive platinum premium edition and got infusers in there.

    Each infuser has a % chance of success and a range of improvement. There's even infusing crit chance. Yes really. You can burn up a sh!t ton of infusers or plat and have nothing to show for it. Players in beta figured out that you could spend well over 10,000 plat just to increase an item's deity layer to the maximum benefit. Then you have the bags full of physical infusers that are all slightly different so don't stack.

    However the undocumented behavior which pisses me off most is that no infuser can boost any stat by more than half. If an item has +50 Potency, you can add all the infusers you want and cannot add more than 25 Potency.

    To me, infusers are just bag clutter and endless grinding and make me regret gear upgrades. It's the same thing as adorning. I got so tired of the unadorner chase that I basically stopped fully adorning items until we got the permanent "unadorn everything" ability.

    I've asked a few times about being able to break infusing off of items and got told to pound sand and basically "well nobody is forcing you to infuse." Never mind that's their whole gear progression strategy. Lemme know if they ever change their minds on this one.
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  5. Caam

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    It is quite disappointing that we have to go to EQ2U to see this information. Thank you Feldon for making it available.

    Someone said that paying platinum to infuse was going to help fix the economy. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have worked out that way. The pricing and the tiers they set up make it impractical for anyone who has less than a 7-figure plat total to even consider doing it and those that have that much plat don't need to do it.

    In any case, the most important thing to remember... every piece of gear you own is going to be replaced. Even the epic 2.0 weapons will be outdated at some point (as they were with 1.0). Unless you're trying out for a spot in one of the top-tier raiding guilds, don't spend too much time worrying about what gear you'll be using, what infusers to use and all that stuff. The most important thing you can do is try to have fun. The rest will work itself out.
  6. Feldon

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    I always played EQ2 with a mental checklist of getting the "best" item in each slot so that by the end of the expansion I'm feeling pretty good and can go into the next content without doing the solo line. My gameplay style has been completely turned on its ear and eliminated.
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  8. Dedith

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    It's available on Dragon's Armory as well.
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  9. Caam

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    And thanks to them as well.

    My main point was that it is not available in-game. But I do appreciate that folks are willing to put in the effort to make it available to us otherwise.
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  10. Feldon

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    Dedith being "them". :)
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