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Priest TLE

Discussion in 'Time-Locked Expansion & Event Servers' started by delphwind24, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. delphwind24

    delphwind24 New Member

    Looking for some current opinions on the state of healers on the TLE. I am going to be making a new character with 2 friends of mine. They are playing a Paladin, and a Conjurer.

    Any thoughts, advice would be most appreciated.
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  2. Venser

    Venser Member

    With the recent vote for TSO to come to TLE I believe it will inevitably be around the corner for us on Stormhold. I highly suggest looking into either the Mystic or Inquisitor. The Inquisitor was favored in TSO for their cures and ability to still keep groups very much so alive. Mystics on the other hand still had strong wards whilst keeping the group melee DPS top shape. Inquisitors favor melee dps as well, they also can provide ok DPS for a group if spec'd for DPSing.

    If you are looking for heavy wards and mostly no problems keeping the group up in any situation, Defilers and Templars are great choices. Defilers have really nice debuffs and huge wards to keep the tank and group alive. The Templars also have nice healing powers while still providing essential temp. buffs and persistent ones.

    a Fury is a great choice for mage intensive groups. They do well in heroic situations as well as solo raid healing. The Warden has nice heals and a very nice melee dps buff. The Druids heavily favor heal over time spells but have just as much potential to keep groups alive. Druids have nice abilities to keep up with some decent DPS as well as healing an entire zone.

    Overall you probably want to ask yourself, am I going to join pick up groups or just group with friends, do I prefer big wards that eat damage or do I want something where I need to be on the constant with healing.

    TSO is a cure intensive expansion and it will take a little more coordination and getting used to vs how it is now. Groups always need cures, but TSO really turns that notch up to 11.

    Good luck!
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  3. delphwind24

    delphwind24 New Member

    Thanks for all that great information Venser!

    From the quote above, which healer class do you think has the potential to have the highest DPS? My primary focus will be healing, however as the Paladin is tanking, there may be times he could sustain with me going full DPS spec and off-healing him.

    Thanks again!
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  4. Inire

    Inire Not really an evil duck, just misunderstood.

    highest dps priest in an xpac which has good autoattack is going to be inquis. but remember that fury has some great spells, and I remember them competing quite handily in TSO with wizards, to the point that they were nerfed after TSO.
  5. Venser

    Venser Member

    Sorry haven't responded in a quick min.

    Some stuff to keep in mind also, in TSO healers get their stances, dps / heal. Inquisitors are indeed going to be doing a ton of DPS come TSO. Mystics, Furys, and Wardens are still up there, but Fury will probably be next on the top healer dps list in groups with a mage group. Honestly I think running an Inquisitor at this point is a very good way to go.
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