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Priest Epic 2.0 Research & Discussion

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Administrator, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member


    Epic Weapon 2.0 quests are now active in EQ2 and it is up to us players to figure out where they start, all the intervening steps, the main quests which are Archetypical (Priest), and the subquests which are class-specific and tie into the Epic 1.0 quests and lore. This is the place to discuss, research, and speculate about past and present lore and clues to the location of these quests!
  2. Ersa

    Ersa New Member

    A divine shrub (waypoint 111.69, 153.24, -18.42) has appeared in Halas that only priests are able to see. It's not trackable via regular tracking or harvest tracking. When mousing over the bush it says: you feel the urge to pick a twig from this shrub, but hold back, as now is not the time....
    With our testing we found that any priest, regardless of their adventure or crafting level, was able to see this bush but other classes were not.
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  3. Gaealiege

    Gaealiege Member

    Excellent info, Ersa. Much appreciated!
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  4. Ersa

    Ersa New Member

    A new NPC has been located in Antonica that appears to only have extended dialog with priests (of any level).
    "Maratis Jyd" <Celestial Watch>
    /waypoint -1850, -38, -553

    Credit for this find goes to Shepherd on discord

    Dialog if a priest:

    You say, "Hail, Maratis Jyd"
    Maratis Jyd/a says to you, "Ah, hello friend. I hope you are having a fine day!"
    You say to Maratis Jyd, "It's well so far. I have a question for you, though, if you don't mind."
    Maratis Jyd/a says to you, "Of course! What can I do for you?"
    You say to Maratis Jyd, "You look deep in thought. What is it that you have on your mind?"
    Maratis Jyd/a says to you, "Haha, yes. My apologies. You are quite perceptive - I got here a few days ago to meet up with my brother, but I noticed that they don't have a proper chapel in this town."
    You say to Maratis Jyd, "The Celestial Watch doesn't have a presence here?"
    Maratis Jyd/a says to you, "Oh, well yes, we do have a priest come here and speak with the people a few times a week. But I'm thinking that it needs an actual chapel - a building here that the people of the village can visit and seek spiritual healing when they need."
    You say to Maratis Jyd, "What is your plan to build it?"
    Maratis Jyd/a says to you, "I'm not sure yet. But when I figure it out, I might need some help. Would you be willing?"
    You say to Maratis Jyd, "I think that I would be. Let me know if you are able to get started. Farewell for now."
  5. Anaogi

    Anaogi Active Member

    Has this lead been checked with an eligible character?
  6. Ersa

    Ersa New Member

    Besides being a priest, we don't know what an eligible character would be.
    It's been checked by lv 100 priests, lv 5 ascension.
  7. Seri

    Seri New Member

    I wonder if it requires a certain number of players to have 'shown an interest' before the work can get underway? I don't recall a mechanic like this before but it's possible?

    Maybe we should all go through the dialogue if lvl 5 priests, just in case?
  8. Sloke

    Sloke New Member

    I tried Maratis Jyd's dialogue as well. LvL 5 Ascension here. I wonder if there is any relation to Celestial Watch faction. It seems as if I am still "indifferent" to the Celestial Watch. They may be seeking help to make a home in Antonica, but require assistance from trustworthy adventurers.
  9. Suedoenimm

    Suedoenimm New Member

    I talked to Maratis Jyd. I am level 5 ascension and +30,165 (warmly) with the Celestial Watch. I got the same dialog as above.
  10. Noviets

    Noviets New Member

    I started gridning faction for this but I'm only at 18k. If someone is getting Celestial Watch faction that is much higher to get ally at 40k I'll stop doing mine till we find out if it's worth doing. So far this seems to be the only thing that Priests can activate, but does it also have the same dialog to Evil aligned priests?
  11. senneth

    senneth New Member

    I am evil/Defiler and Maratis gives me the same messages. We aren't able to gain Qeynos city factions. I went looking for a similar NPC from Dismal Rage in Commonlands, but did not find one.
  12. Noviets

    Noviets New Member

    Safe to assume, for now, this has no merrit on the starter. May be for something later on however.
  13. senneth

    senneth New Member

    I think we have someone working on that full faction, so he will be able to tell if anything different.
  14. Bingdaboop

    Bingdaboop New Member

    Well I have 50k Max faction with Celestial Watch and Im good Qeynos citizen so this faction for the time being is worthless. However since it is a newly added NPC it is possible you will need the faction later at some point during side quests.
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  15. Beloved

    Beloved New Member

    It would be hard to imagine the epic requiring Celestial Watch faction. The epics are archetype based and evils can not gain Celestial Watch faction.
  16. senneth

    senneth New Member

    He talked to me and I'm evil with indifferent Celestial Watch faction, so it's not faction to make him talk. We may very well need our city priest faction, but can't say for sure. I am wondering if archetype is priest, mage, fighter, scout like we've been thinking, or if they mean the four ascension class archetypes. Could be either. The latter would make more sense with the current sig.
  17. Lojask

    Lojask Member

    Crossposting from official forums - I'm veeeerrrrrry slowly transcribing the KA timelines.

    It's taking a while as I am hand typing the journal parts at each stage, and then I have to keep copying, pasting and formatting the logs, so I've only just finished Drake Disposal Duty. This bit really struck me though right near the start:

    • You say to a nameless spirit, "Let's try this again... I can help you look for the weapon."
    • a nameless spirit says to you, "You would help me? Not the weapon, Vek's weapon. It is necessary, yet I lost it."
    • You say to a nameless spirit, "Did you lose it here?"
    • a nameless spirit says to you, "Somewhere here, yes. It looked so different then, but so much the same... "

    This is the iksar sprit, Setri tells you he was from the Stone Hoof Badlands (JW), sent by Xlixinar (Skorpikis - Skleross link?). Is this a reference to the reskins of the epics?

    Here's the link, it's a WIP of course KA Transcript - Adventure
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  18. Drdope

    Drdope New Member

    Also talked to Jyd in Antonica. The part that interests me is he came to "meet up with his brother a few days ago." Where is and who is his brother?
  19. Ersa

    Ersa New Member

    Myself and a at least one other person have been looking all over for a possible brother and nothing yet. One thing to keep in mind is, it may not mean a literal brother, but a brother of the Celestial Watch.
  20. contralo

    contralo New Member

    I Just found a prayer scroll to Erollis Marr at Sayers Outfitters in Antonica. Has it always been there I don't remember ever seeing it before

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