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  1. I know "soonish" can vary a lot, and there's still plenty of time to get this fixed. I'm just trying to track what's askew with the carp stuff as I am re-eyballing things.
    • Decayed Lamp (formerly Decayed Sconce) still has the flame offset
    • All the stuff that was half-sunken in the ground (or wall) as default placement still is half-sunken in the ground/wall as default placement.
    • "Bastian" of Thunder: Stone Dais is still typoed
    • Handcrafted and mastercrafted carp items are still displaying as treasured with 200 rent status reduction. They're also missing the tag that displays who made them.
    • Vendor buyback prices are the same for both the handcrafted and mastercrafted, despite the MC taking twice the fuel. (Possibly because of that treasured label?)
    • I'm not even going to try recrafting everything to check all the pluralization stuff right now. :D
    • "
    • Recaps are always appreciated! The flame offest is fixed in art, but not sure if that art has been pushed to beta. I'll check on that, because we should be pushing art every day. It's short for Sebastian of Thunder. Karana's kid brother.... No? Ok, fixed now. There are still some possible changes with what recipes go where, so until then this won't be changed.

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