Optimizing XP settings for the OCD collector of named AA stars?

Discussion in 'Items, Equipment, and Mechanics' started by Phaedrix, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Phaedrix

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    Hi all. As somebody who enjoys tormenting himself with the illusion of experiencing this game thoroughly, I try to clear as many named AA stars as possible. This means finding and killing named mobs before reaching cap.

    What I'm scratching my head over is whether it's still possible in 2017 to start a new character and clear or “collect” the majority of AA stars from named mobs in EQ2, let’s say about 90-95% of them. (This means that the mobs are killed and the stars are taken, claimed, disappear etc.)

    If you’re on a traditional server, I assume that this can no longer be accomplished with a new character. I take it as virtually certain that, even if the AA cap is raised in the future, the amount of content added to the game, including more named mobs with fresh AA stars, would simply be too much to keep up with. Even if you leave the AA slider at 0, generally have combat XP turned off and sometimes disable quest XP to pace yourself, you’ll never be able to collect 90-95% of named AA stars before reaching cap, above all because you now receive 4+ AA points with each level starting at 10 and there’s (annoyingly) no way to disable this forced turboboost as of yet.

    If you’re on TLE, things look more promising, but even here I’m not sure. Toggling combat/quest XP and going easy with the slider would be necessary in any case.

    What do you think? What is the best way to go about this—TLE or bust? Or is there a consideration I’m missing? Maybe if you’re on a traditional server and hit a pre-350 AA cap because you’re not at a high enough level to advance, the stars from named mobs continue to clear anyway? I’m not sure. That would be helpful if so.
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    The frustrating part is, AA "star" kills aren't recorded anywhere after you hit 350 AAs. Otherwise I'd love to display this as a leaderboard on EQ2U.
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  3. Phaedrix

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    I suppose there's a fair bit here that needs an overhaul.
  4. Inire

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    AHHHHH indeed.

    this line applies to so much.

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