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Neither EQ nor EQ2 made MMORPG's list

Discussion in 'EverQuest II General Discussion' started by CoLDMeTaL, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Active Member

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  2. Sweatypie

    Sweatypie Active Member

    The everquest franchise have been in decline for many years. Its only the old geezers that refuse to move along that plays the games.
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  3. Mizgamer62

    Mizgamer62 Active Member

    Well I am an old geezer, 56 as of today, and I refuse to play it any longer :p.
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  4. Nolus

    Nolus Member

    I never thought I would stop playing, but I have to admit I don't really miss it at all. It just wasn't enjoyable for me anymore.
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  5. Clementine

    Clementine Member

    I miss EQ2, but the EQ2 I miss doesn't exist anymore.
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  6. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday!
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  7. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    I still play EQ and EQ2 though I solo in EQ1. Just got my IC on Firona Vie server early this morning, too!
  8. RhodrisNZ

    RhodrisNZ Active Member

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day :D
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  9. Dizzy

    Dizzy Active Member

    Happy Birthday :)
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  10. Meneltel

    Meneltel Active Member

    Remember, you may not be as young as you used to be... but you aren't as old as you are gonna be!
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  11. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

  12. CoLDMeTaL

    CoLDMeTaL Active Member

    While EQ2 said "No more free content."

    handwriting on the wall, I guess.
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  13. Zhaanish

    Zhaanish Active Member

    Happy Birthday and 56 is not an old geezer! :)
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  14. Zhaanish

    Zhaanish Active Member

    I just noticed Trove on that list. I couldn't get into it but my husband really enjoys it from time to time. The combat was a bit too twitchy for my taste.
  15. JimmyBananas

    JimmyBananas New Member

    Interesting list, and I'm surprised to see Neverwinter on it. That game was a ton of fun and had a great RP community for the longest time, but Cryptic got greedy with the implementation of pay-to-win artifact grinds -- not to mention the horrendously poorly done Tiamat expansion. I met my wife on that game so it was a real shame to walk away, but we both agreed it had to be done. Now, we both love playing WoW. Even if they fixed a lot of the original problems with the game, I don't think I'd trust them enough to want to come back -- not that I could really play that on top of WoW, anyways.

    WoW just released its pre-patch for the new Battle For Azeroth expansion yesterday, and while the servers were real shaky, the new transmogs/mounts looked great, the ability rework is to my liking (love some of my new skills), and the stat-squish is...well, it's going to take a while to get used to looking at my new numbers.

    I've heard a lot of mixed things about Black Desert Online. No denying that the game is aesthetically pleasing, but I've heard it's grind-intensive.
  16. Zhaanish

    Zhaanish Active Member

    It's very grindy, where you need to go to progress is more confusing than it should be, it's fairly twitchy combat, and I never could get over the noises my female character made - yes I tried changing the voice. Last but not least, there's PVP and lots of complaints of people paying to win the PvP. They tout that the PvP is optional but it's not really if you want to be able to get all crafting materials.
  17. Fuli

    Fuli Well-Known Member

    Not to mention that unless you want your character to look like a lump of rust, you have to go to the cash shop to buy cosmetics.

    BDO strikes me the game EQ2 wants to be (less the pvp): a grind heavy time sink heavily driven by the cash shop.
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  18. Tekka

    Tekka Active Member

    I play Trove from time to time when I just want to fly around and blow stuff up with dragon breath. OR rampage around with various flavors of pewpewpew. At one time I had planned 3 whole club world sections built up as a candyland hellscape with giant flowers added in for good measure, but then I scrapped it, it had to be done for the good of all. It's a silly time, and you can actually get quite a lot accomplished whether you patron or not.

    My partner has played it a lot more and is on a second fully built club world.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
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  19. Arclite

    Arclite New Member

    I have played eq2 for over 13 years and played at pretty much every tier of gameplay (be it being MT of Avatar farming guilds or just logging on to go afk in qeynos harbor for 2 hours and then logging out). I am not at all surprised eq2 did not make 2018 list, i would be surprised if it actually made in any list for a decade unless may be because they were fewer mmorpgs to choose from back then.

    This game was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of its fun challenge when it launched and remained so for about 3-4 expansions but then SOE's inability to manage pc game IP combined with some very...very inept leaders led the game to its early grave. They had resources back then to keep it as effective and FUN for players as Blizzard did with WoW but they just ruined it all for no apparent reason.

    If i remember correctly, i read a relatively recent post somewhere which charted the work plan for DBG games and i think it stated that there will be 1 more expansion for eq2 for nostlagic appeal before they close shop. Not sure of the source or its authenticity but frankly its about time if it is true.

    What you have right now is a corpse on a ventilator which the close family friends are refusing to let go off.
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